VVID ESSNCE Drops New “Sleepy Hilltop” Lookbook

VVID ESSNCE, also branded as VVID Motorworks INC., has put out a whole new selection of hand painted original artwork to buy, and an ethereal lookbook “Sleepy Hilltop” to go along with it.

From the vivid yellow Fragmented hoodie to the Machine Renaissance blocked out tee to the VVID “Motion” custom Vans that you’re urged not to buy, all these pieces are fresh and look well worth the price tag.

Going through the lookbook, you’re greeted with an outer space sounding track as the page cycles through images of what looks like a mannequin rocking the new apparel (which, it turns out, is the creator in one of those morph suits).

The Sleepy Hilltop slideshow features images varying from vehicles which fit nicely with the motorsport theme to a skeleton with his face getting ripped off, all in hues of peach, yellow, black, and red. Very gnarly. Fits very well with the entire aesthetic of the drop.

Final verdict: If you’re not a brokeboi and don’t mind waiting for three to four weeks for hand made threads pick up a few items.

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VVID ESSNCE is a streetwear experience designed and presented by artist Slade Pruitt.

Images courtesy of VVID ESSENCE

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