Unidentified Corporation is Back in Focus

Whether you are a streetwear hoarder, an indie clothing connoisseur or a So Wht regular, there is a good chance you may have heard about Unidentified Corporation. In the off chance that you have been completely oblivious to this new label that has been picking up some serious steam, here is the low down.

Reflecting the local urban and art culture, the San Diego based label started off almost a year ago. A fan of all things street, founder Liam Beyerle started putting his art concepts out on social media and soon enough Unidentified Corporation was born.

Since then, there has been no stopping Beyerle. His urban label is constantly dropping new collections, collaborating with local talent and popping up at different venue shops.

Start-ups, especially in the already saturated casual wear market, often struggle to find their footing the first few months but not UC. The label hit the ground running, and has only gotten better with time.The latest line from the design house is a major testament to that. The designs are cool and eclectic as ever with a few surprise additions for the brand which has almost exclusively offered tees up till now.

If you have been in the market for t shirts that are a little bit different, come with a great size range or if you have been hunting the next big thing, Unidentified Corporation is worth checking out.

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