Streetwear Brands of the Month February 2018

Straight from the underground is the February 2018 brands of the month. A brand new monthly piece which looks at some of the top underground streetwear brands and highlights them in one spot.

Mindful Sins

Mindful Sins made a massive splash when they dropped their velour track pants last month and shoppers are eager to find out what they have next in store for the brand.

Mindful Sins’ Website

Mindful Sins on Instagram

Mono Clothing

The British brand Mono clothing went crazy dropping 27 pieces for their winter release. Every piece is made to order and there’s a mix of outerwear, button-downs, accessories and more.

Mono Clothing’s Website

Mono Clothing on Instagram

Case Study

A gang of custom-made cut and sew pieces made Case Study stand out this month. From the dip dyed to patchwork, there are a bunch of one of a kind pieces dropped last month. Let’s see what they have coming up next.

Case Study’s Website

Case Study on Instagram

Stripmall Couture

Very clean embroidered white tees dropped by Stripmall Couture last month are setting the bar for brand launches. Tough break for you, they’re all sold out after a few weeks on the market. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Stripmall Couture’s Website

Stripmall Couture on Instagram

Good Fishing

Heavily inspired by sport fishing(no shit), Good Fishing has been making moves doing pop up shops across California these past few weeks. Without a doubt, they need to link up with N.O.D.R. for some healthy collaboration.

Good Fishing’s Website

Good Fishing on Instagram


Butterflies and Bittersweet on white and the bluest blue you ever saw. Dope shirts, dope drop, and they really make us look forward to what’s coming next from the brand from New Zealand.

Bittersweet’s Website

Bittersweet Creatives on Instagram

Steady Hands

They started January off with a massive sale and ended the month dropping and selling out of their gradient sweaters. Nothing new, though, as they’re constantly producing and selling out of their pastel drops. The definition of what are they going to do next.

Steady Hands’ Website

Steady Hands on Instagram


INEFFABLE came out with their latest drop, a long-awaited leather moto jacket. Not only is it cool as hell, Offset from Migos was seen rocking one at a pre-Grammy party. Clout?



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