Streetwear Brands of the Month March 2018

Straight from the underground is the March 2018 brands of the month. A monthly piece which looks at some of the top underground streetwear brands and highlights them in one spot.


Minimalist aesthetic and a splash of color, these new Dune designs are sharp and vibrant. The past few weeks have seen a number of drops including tees, hoodies, and pullovers.

Dune’s website

Dune on Instagram

Vice 84

A retro brand on UN:IK, Vice 84 dropped some throwback heat for their spring collection. Over a dozen pieces are in this drop, including quarter zips and sweaters. Very clean VHS aesthetics.

UN:IK’s website

UN:IK on Instagram


HYBRID’s 2nd collection dropped, with a graphic tee and a standout sweater. The sweater has an original bust on the back which is super clean looking. It is made from recycled material, which is always a bonus.

HYBRID’s website

HYBRID on Instagram


D.N.A Streetwear

To raise awareness of bullying and violence, D.N.A Streetwear is releasing a new collection titled “Identity.” The collection aims to embrace being proud of what makes you who you are.

D.N.A Streetwear’s website

D.N.A Streetwear on Instagram


Cool new shit and they brought back fan favorites last month, Deadicated earned this. Simple logo tees and flannels, along with a Downstar collaboration.

Deadicated’s website

Deadicated on Instagram

Spring Loaded

Hand-sewn denim, noragi-inspired jackets from Britain. What? We thought the same until we saw these bangers from Spring Loaded. Additionally, they dropped a few shirts with patchwork last month. As a bonus, a portion of profits goes towards Mind, a UK mental health charity.

Spring Loaded’s website

Spring Loaded on Instagram


BrooklynSky released a capsule collection to celebrate Black History Month. A dozen designs and pieces, a few with a new to Marvel’s Black Panther.

BrooklynSky’s website

BrooklynSKY on Instagram


Dropping a serious collaboration with Year2000 inspired by Terminator and modern artillery, RESURGENCE dropped one of the most extensive collections we’ve seen from the brand. Act fast; RESURGENCE always sells out quick as hell.

RESURGENCE’s website

RESURGENCE on Instagram

Year2000 on Instagram

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