Rule of Three – Where Streetwear Meets Storytelling

It’s hard to deny that engaging customers is key for any business, and where major brands have the option to spend millions to do this, startups have to get creative on a budget. I recently came across Rule of Three, a streetwear label that has an interesting take on that.

Operating out of Denmark, Rule of Three puts out casual wear that they describe as “storytelling inspired apparel.” No, it doesn’t mean that they carry merch from the latest Netflix hit, in fact it is a little more ingenious than that.

Their designs come from fictional stories, scratch that, they come from fictional crowd-sourced stories. Curious what that sentence even means? Team Ro3 basically has been letting their twitter audience shape a story of three fictional characters.

Ro3 set the stage, gave the characters a bit of a backstory, and then handed the reins over to their Twitter followers to navigate the story. Every day they posted a scene from the story and got their followers to choose what happened next.

A few weeks later, the label had a chapter to inspire them. Their first drop took design queues from the three main heroes of the crowd-sourced story. Now, every chapter leads to a whole new collection. How neat is that?

Even if you are not as excited about the campaign as I am, you’ll like a couple of designs they came out with. Crisp graphics, clean cuts and a pastel palette, there really is something for everyone in their collections.

Their designs are androgynous, so anyone can rock them and everything was manufactured in America, in case you were worried about that.

All in all, I am loving the approach these guys took and would definitely be keeping an eye out for them. All their details are linked down below, head down and check what they are all about

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