Resurgence Collaboration with Traktrain Coming Friday

In a first for the brand, RESURGENCE is set to release a lightweight jacket in a collaborative effort with Traktrain, the exclusive beat selling website. resurgence traktrain jacket

resurgence traktrain jacket

resurgence traktrain jacket

In case you can’t see the images, some of the features include:

  • Bomber style neck, light jacket constructions
  • 100% polyester shell
  • Black inner mesh lining
  • Paneled styling on the sleeve
  • A screen-printed chest logo
  • Concealed zippers and a front concealed compartment for the weight

The piece will be available on Friday, August 24th for $100. Put the Patron down for one weekend and pick up this exclusive piece.

You’ll be able to buy the jacket on the Traktrain website here.
Head over the Resurgence website to see other products.
Don’t forget about the Resurgence IG account. Give that a follow.

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