Resurgence Bringing Back Some Favorites

If you recently fell for RSG or have been a supporting the brand for a while or simply like rad clothes, this little tidbit might make your day.

The Canadian label is bringing back some bestsellers. The Oni hoodie and the Rage Tiger pullover are up for pre-order (insert celebratory dance moves). Both these designs came earlier this year, late summer and early fall, and Instagram went a little crazy about them.

Oni has a busy black and red print on a snowy base, and Rage Tiger is a popping yellow upper with some patch and print detailing. Inspired by Japanese magazine covers and Bruce Lee flicks, both these designs are hard to ignore.

You can punch in your pre-order now and start counting the 6-7 weeks it will take to ready and ship these. But on the plus side, if you are planning on splurging a little you can use the code “RSGRESTOCK” for a $10 discount.

Resurgence site

RSG on Instagram

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