Puns and Retro Vibes – Masochistic Clothing’s First Collection

It’s been a hot minute since I last put up something up here, and even though the little hiatus was much needed to get back on the mend, I woke up today super psyched to start scouring the internet for all the streetwear heat I had missed out on.

It took a bit of rummaging online, but I ended up finding this budding new guy. Masochistic Clothing is a great mix of retro looking graphics, sharp puns and some cool design concepts.

Their maiden drop has 10 different pieces ranging from embroidered hoodies to some interesting graphic tees that would get you some double takes during the day. They just came out with their stuff last week and I thought they could use some SWfam love.

Despite the fact that Masochistic used black and white blanks, their prints more than make up for the missing colors. I understand that they might not be everyone’s cuppa tea but if you are down for some cool prints check them out.

All you need is linked down below like always.

Masochistic Clothing’s site

MC on Instagram

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