Nova Supply Releases New Collection

Coming in hot from the North, these new releases from Nova Supply are all about comfort.

Nova Supply is a Canadian label that is all about design that doesn’t need too many bells and whistles. The clothes are hand-made, mostly monotone with an interesting twist.

For a label that puts comfort over all else, it’s not surprising that most of the designs have a relaxed fit, made out of a range of cozy materials.

The latest collection, ‘Red Dragon’ is a mix of bold colors, raw hems and a bunch of interesting cuts. What I really appreciate is the variety, it is a proper collection with a number of options for both men and women. That doesn’t happen a lot in the streetwear startup scene.

The entire collection is now live on their site, with regular updates on these other channels.

Nova Supply’s eshop

Nova Supply on Instagram

Nova Supply on Twitter

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