Newness from Impossible Conversations Dropping this Weekend

It has been a couple of weeks since previews for Impossible Conversations’ huge Spring/Summer ’18 collection came out, and the launch is finally right around the corner.

Titled ‘Illusions’, the upcoming seasonal line has a whopping 33 designs in it. Ranging from solid tees to wishlist worthy outerwear to some pretty cool bags, the UK based label certainly did not disappoint in the variety department.

Every piece from the Brit brand has embroidered detailing with an overall minimal design aesthetic. Their obvious love for neutrals and monochromes was front and center in this collection as well, with a few pieces in playful colors like powder violet and deep jewel green joining the league too.

There are some clean hoodies and tees in the collection, but it’s the jackets that caught my eye. The ‘illusion’ windbreaker and ‘silence’ half zip up are easy personal favorites in the whole lot.


Each product from the label, other than the windbreakers of course, is cotton heavy. Which makes the made to order pieces perfect for this time of the year.

Everything will be available online this Saturday around 11 am PST, so set those reminders and bookmark what you need now.

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