Newness from Bittersweet

It has been a while, but Bittersweet is back in our headlines. After selling out the Nightshade hoodies this past month, Short has been working on the label’s next drop that might hit around late December or early January.

Till the summer collection finally comes out (December and January are warm for New Zealand, where the label is based in) Bittersweet has a little surprise up their sleeves. Next week they are coming out with logo tees.

Bittersweet has always had a minimalistic look, but the label finally took the plunge and designed plain logo tees. The move may have been a branding gauge, Short did cop to that in his Youtube chats but they looked nice. Plus Declan did have more than a few good things to say about the material.

The tee drops on the 15th of November but if you are a little low on cash, maybe try your luck with the giveaway the label has been running, head down to their Instagram page for more details, links to everything are pasted below.

Bittersweet site

Bittersweet on Instagram

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