New from Global Awareness Clothing Co.

Based in San Francisco, Global Awareness Clothing Co. is a casual wear label with a pretty defined message (something I wish more streetwear brands did). Get people engaged about world issues, and using fashion and design to spark the conversation.

Each collection that team GACC comes up with is focused around a particular social issue. Different designs speak to something particular about the concern; its history, the big questions, the current headlines etc. Buying a piece from them is like a mini refresher course on the issue in focus.

Their latest releases were centered on global partnerships for the environment, aptly titled ‘Milestones’. The collection picked out some interesting international treaties that were signed to combat climate change. Not surprisingly, current events were the inspiration, news about US uncoupling from the Paris Climate Agreement sparked these designs.

Focusing on the actual clothes themselves, there is a good mix of motifs, design placement, color and foil printing in there. Four designs in total, the drop features a tee, hoodies and a pair of shorts. The hoodies and the shorts have some cool foil printing, while the printed side seams on the tee really pop.

You can check out these designs in action on their social media and the e-store, directions to those are all down below.

Global Awareness’ site

GACC on Instagram

GACC on Facebook

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