Meet Meliority

Finding a new streetwear label can be exciting, and finding a new casual-wear brand that carries a dedicated women’s line is so much better.

Meliority, an Oakland, CA-based entrant, is all about good threads, minimal designs, and good service. One of its firsts mantras was to match the delivery and service standards to some of the best retailers. That is quite a goal to set, but from someone who has waited 6 weeks to get a hold of a basic tee, all the power to you team Meliority.

Their maiden launch has a whopping thirteen pieces, with three designs in the fem collection. Almost all of the designs are prints, clean and well placed, screened on to a mix of soft pastel-ly backgrounds.

The launch is a mix of tees, long-sleeved shirts, crop tops, and pullovers, but the best part is that they seem to have different fits. Unlike most streetwear brands that stick to a single cut or a fit for each drop, Meliority threw in a bunch of different cuts in its first launch.

Hop down to their site and show their quirky and quaint designs some love.

Meliority estore

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