Label in Focus – Planet Pluto

Bringing back the space fever one tee at a time, meet our second brand of the day, Detroit based indie label Planet Pluto.

The brainchild of partners Sheraz Jehangir and Dylan Cruz, the casual wear label launched fairly recently. In fact, this past summer the team made its very first drop; a line of hand dyed tees.

If you are a fan of the great beyond and tie and dye everything, this line could very well be the realization of your dreams. Even if your tastes aren’t completely “out there”, you might still enjoy the pastel dye work that is all done by hand.

The tees are priced at $15 a pop, a pretty reasonable price point for a casual tee.  Like most of their competitors, Planet Pluto also has a rather small size range, running from S to just an XL.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about their brand at the moment is their early winter drop. They have been tweeting about it relentlessly and they have piqued my interest.

To check out what team Planet Pluto has been up to and what their designs look like, click on one of the links below

Planet Pluto website

Planet Pluto instagram

Planet Pluto twitter


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