Keeping it Unreal with Playin Pretend

Kind of like runway fashion, streetwear can get edgy, political, emo and sometimes just out right controversial. Playin Pretend and its fun designs are all about cutting that out of casual wear and keeping it fun and light.

I spent a bit of time on their site, researching this up and comer, and I have to admit, their simple and sweet take on clothing is growing on me. Solid colors, a fun little embroidered motif and a fuss free cut means almost everyone can enjoy their pieces.

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Each of the designs that the label is carrying at the moment, was stitched in men’s sizing. A trend, I think the brand should continue with in their upcoming lines too. So all you guys out there, don’t be shy to check this new label out and show them some love.

The size range on these designs is a little disappointing to be honest. Their pieces range from an S to an XL, but here’s hoping that the Portland based brand would consider adding a few more plus and petite sizes.

If you are also interested in what Playin Pretend is about and what are they up to, check them out through the links below

Playin Pretend website

Playin Pretend instagram

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