Interview with Creative House Strictly Original

With their recent collaboration with PANYC State, I was quick to get a one on one with Strictly Original, a creative house duo from New York.

What is Strictly Original?

Strictly Original is a creative house specializing in the area where film, photo, and fashion intersect. I head the fashion side, and Justin Crail heads the visual side. We do everything from design collections, making music videos, and doing shooting photography. We are a bunch of young individuals going out there and making things happen.

How did you guys get started working on all these different mediums?

Great question! So Justin and I know each other from High School, and I always joked around that one day I would produce videos/film for him. After our freshman year of college, we ended up getting connected to work on a project together. From there we just worked well together and decided to create a creative house where we can give other young creatives a chance to show off their abilities. We wanted to prove that with the right support team, it is possible to create and express yourself. No matter if that making clothing, taking pictures, producing video, or whatever it is. The most important thing is getting out there and trying.

There are a ton of other great creative houses and entities that paved that way for us and inspired us to get out there and be ourselves. People like KidSuper and the ASAP mob showed us that you can be a well rounded creative individual.

Who are some young creatives you’ve worked with and want people to know about?

We have been lucky enough to work with some great up and coming artists. Coconutfam, KillaMoe, and Yellow Shoots just to name a few artists we have worked with recently. All of which are on the come up!

That’s tight. I checked out Coconutfam on Spotify and dig what I hear. Very cool. Any new projects in the works?

Our music video dropping with Yellow Shoots comes out very soon, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a huge project for us and our head director Justin Crail. We couldn’t be more proud to show off the final product. Not to mention we are trying to get a few more videos in before the end of the summer.

In fashion news, we are about to drop a summer basic line sometime in the next couple weeks. It is only four pieces, but we feel it really captures that easy going summer vibe. But the bigger project on deck is my first larger scale collection coming late fall early winter. Work for projects like this takes months of planning and a ton of grueling hour designing. Looking really forward though to showing off our first real solo collection this winter and making a name for our selves as a true multifaceted creative house.

Awesome! Where can people find you online to see more cool stuff you’ve done? is where you can find out more information about us and all that we do!

You can also check them out on their Instagram by clicking here.

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