Go Nuts for Like Mind’s Winter Collection

Titled ‘get your mind right’, the latest collection from the New York based LIKE MIND, is a mix of neutral colors, fun zingers and cozy fabrics.

Putting the focus on mental wellness, these latest designs were all about graphics, detailing and one-liners about working on well-being. Pieces from the collection dropped sporadically these last few weeks, and the entire collection is finally all out and in stock.

With a pretty rounded line, the unisex brand made sure they were catering to almost everyone. The latest installment features graphic tees, hoodies, full sleeved tops and an assortment of beanies.

Design wise this collection is pretty diverse too. Screen prints done with hand, embroidery, patch work, distressing and even tie and dye, they went all out design wise and they did without looking garish.

And since shopping is always extra sweet this time of the year, all orders for mainland USA can enjoy free shipping. Just punch in ‘HOLIDAY’ and save a pretty penny too.

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