Get together with Indijinus Tribe

Fashion can be an expression of who we are, where do we belong and Indijinus Tribe is street brand that was built around that.

The New York City based label was made for those who are conscious of their identity, their heritage and work to make things better for those around them. That’s quite a heavy mission statement, but it is one that Indijinus Tribe proudly stands behind.

And that belief and love for heritage is hard to miss in their designs, that are heavily influenced by the orient and north African cultures. Even though the label is just a few months old, these themes keep popping up in every drop they have done since their inception.

They play with a nice palette of colors and big and bold graphics for their tees. No matter which tee you end up getting, it will stand out in your closet.

Now I checked their site, and they have most sizes stocked from their last drop. Check those out while we all wait to see what the boys at Indijinus Tribe have been cooking.

You can track down the label with the links below

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