Putting the Function in Fashion with Zein

Fashion trends are a fleeting thing, hit for a moment and drab a second later, so it kinda makes more sense to buy functional pieces . If you were subconsciously nodding your head while reading that intro, you might secretly (or maybe not so secretly) be a style pragmatist (woot woot). If function and comfort are just as important as the aesthetic, you are the niche Zein was created for.

Focusing on delivering customers quality, the Swedish label’s mantra has literally been to come up with designs that fit well, feel good and last long. Their aesthetic is still evolving, so some of their designs are definitely better than others but I think they have found their groove now.

Case in point, I personally really liked the last few additions they put up recently (especially that olive hoodie!!). They have really been working hard to fine tune their look and use some of that social media feedback, the last few drops are proof of that.

A brainchild of the El Zein brothers, Mido and Bahi, the streetwear brand is really size inclusive, going up to XXXL in their men’s line. Hopefully the team could see that as a huge positive, and start offering larger sizes in their women’s collection too.

Check out some of their in stock designs down below or hit up their social media for all the details on their upcoming collections.





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