Full Circle Nation X B8 Interview

Recently, Isaiah Green from Full Circle Nation sat down and interviewed young artist B8, whose recent collaboration drops February 24th.

So when did you start making art?

As far as I remember, I always drew a bit, but I guess I started taking it more seriously 3 or 4 years ago when I was 12 or 13.

How’d you come up with the name b8town and what does it mean?

This goes back when I used to do graffiti, I needed a handle and me and my friends came up with b8. It doesn’t really mean anything, the b is just my initial, and the 8 was there because it looked and sounded nice. I came up with b8town when I created my Instagram, “b8” was already taken so I added “town,” hinting to the urban themes in my work.

What does being a young artist mean to you in 2018?

I don’t know if it still means something. Almost everybody can become an artist since everybody with internet access can show content to the world. I think its amazing. But if I had to give a meaning anyways I would say that a young artist should bring new things to the table, make changes in the game. Every generation has its themes, its issues, that should be addressed in art. This is what creates new things in art.

What informs how you make art?

When I make things, it’s usually when I have a strong idea or feeling that I need to get out and express. I draw all the time tho, but I only make more polished pieces when I feel like it. I try not to stress myself, which can be hard when you post on social media. When I’m working, I usually listen to music. It helps me to focus, and it inspires me.

Who are a few of your major influences for art?

I’m very influenced by manga artists, Katsuhiro Otomo ( AKIRA ) being the main one I think. I’m also very influenced by music, with artists that inspire me a lot like Bones, Suicideyear, Aphex Twin, Drip-133, Yung Lean.

Finally, I guess I’ve been influenced by my city since I was young. I live on the edge of a pretty poor district, which I guess could be called a hood, and I always felt inspired by the place, and by the clothing people wear on the streets. This is what clothing is made for I think.

Anyways, I was glad to work with the good people at FCN. This small capsule revolves around the character of a blank boy, which embodies the feeling of being a nobody.

Make sure to catch the release of the Full Circle Nation x B8 collaboration coming February 24, 2018

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