Fortune Black Label – Making Streetwear Affordable Again

There is no denying that we at So Wht love our streetwear, I mean everything on this blog practically screams that. What’s not to love about having cool, limited edition threads in your closet? Umm, well I can think of at least one thing…huge price tags!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few graphic tees out there that I could convince myself to shell out $35 a pop for. But those are an exception, not the general rule. Which is why, rounding up casual wear labels that are a bit more wallet friendly is kinda our thing here on this blog. Following that theme, our newest brand in focus is Fortune Black Label.

Operating out of Dublin, Ireland, this breakout brand is all about streetwear that doesn’t cost a fortune. Just a few months old, the label launched to an excited audience this summer. Since then, their social media has stacked up quite a few raving reviews and engaged followers.

This fall they dropped their very first line. Titled ‘Scene 1’, the collection looks good. Pastels, distressed denim and huge, hard to miss graphics, is how I would describe it. The combination of the three made a line that is wearable and budget friendly.

Leading the FBL team is Robbie Murphy, and he is definitely doing things with the brand that are worth noting. FBL has been able to engage followers with giveaways, behind the scenes updates and all that jazz. But what I personally like is how customer friendly their site is. Each product page has multiple shots with size references too; what size each model is wearing, how tall he or she is etc. That just makes it easier when it comes to choosing sizes.

I mean, none of these are anything grand, but it’s these little details that make customers keep coming back. Start up brands, take a cue from these guys.

As always, links to the brand in focus are down below so you can head down to their site straight from here. You just might see something you like.

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