Eccentric Explorations with Helth Designs

If a quirky mix of (really) old school vintage designs and murky, edgy underground vibes, sound like fire to you, then Helth Designs is going to be your fashion haven.

The Canadian label came to life early this year, after months of crowd funding efforts and campaigns. Devin M-H, head designer / guy calling the shots, worked super hard to get his vision of streetwear out in the world.

Now that he has this platform, his thriving start-up, Devin has been partnering with different collaborators to design the label’s first few lines. His designs have evolved with every drop, and that should get you psyched for whatever he launches next.

The graphic house has some of the more unique prints that I have ever seen. Eccentric prints, moody and dark palettes and some punchy puns, those are the main ingredients of all things Helth.

I wrote a piece on them, not so long ago, and I stand by my complaint about limited sizes. But, if you can live with that for some cool new threads, follow their links below. In fact, some of their summer items are still in stock and on sale. If you hurry, you just might snag a few things for a steal.


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