Early Weekend Treat – Steady Hands Drops Gradient II Collection

Well, here is a little brain teaser. What happens when Steady Hands drops a slew of hot (and weather appropriate, might I add) gradient pieces on payday? Yep, that money is going to fly right out.

These past few weeks, the label’s been throwing little hints and teasers about what’s coming up, and everything goes live today.

Around 5pm EST, some of the original gradient pieces will be back up for preorder, including the ‘Purple Rain’ puffer jacket, the ‘Speedways’ puffer and the grey joggers. If you missed out on the original drop and the restock preorder as well, then today could finally be your time to get on the list for one.

Other than those bestsellers, the SH site would have a new gradient windbreaker, anorak, crew neck, some accessories and a super limited embroidered tee in stock and live. The accessories I mentioned include socks and a ‘Gradient’ belt which comes with a few buckle options.

Since everything flies out super fast, be sure to hit the website at 5 EST sharp.

Steady Hands’ webstore

SH on Instagram

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