Coldnoir’s Introductory Launch

Here is the lowdown on a new brand I found on reddit over the weekend. Coldnoir is a label that is all about taking risks and having fun.

Their first launch, which came out this month, is a little limited; a graphic tee and a printed tote. But the designs are pretty cool and the pieces show promise.

The tee is made out of heavy cotton, so it’s kinda perfect for cooler months up ahead. Cut like a skater tee, this one would hang a little loose. That along with the sassy print up top seals the deal for me.

Along with the tee, there is a printed black tote in the first collection. That has been selling like crazy and last I checked it was low in stock.

Here are all Coldnoir’s handles, do check them out and maybe show them some love.

Coldnoir site

Coldnoir on Instagram

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