UPDATED! Changes Coming to So Wht in July

I’m just dropping an official word on the street to let everyone know what’s going on with So Wht. July will be a fun month with a few changes going on, nothing for the worse and everything to make this the ultimate source for underground streetwear on the internet.

Before that, I just want to talk about what we’ve accomplished so far this year.

1 the number of emails received to make an article correction. 
the average number of visitors we get per day.
195 the average number of page views we get per day.
10,300 the number of visitors we’ve sent to your Instagram pages.
29,400 the number of times someone went to one of your websites.


Consistent articles

So, a few months ago I hired a writer to knock out articles. I was also in my last semester of college so things eventually dissolved. Since then, I’ve moved to NYC and am on that full-time working thang. That means full-time doubloons. We’ll start banging out consistent articles again, and when I’m off I’ll get back on that grind as well.

Website redesign

Going to have a new look around here but generally, the site will still be easy to navigate. So if you read this today and come back sometime around July 2nd there’ll be a whole new aesthetic. Check it out then. In the meantime, enjoy that bright as hell orange.


So, there’s a reason for the website redesign, and that’s because I’m going to start a multi-vendor ecommerce store.

What the hell is that?

Means I’m going to open up the doors and have people sell their products to So Wht visitors. On So Wht. Think of something like HBX, Bodega, or Karmaloop before the lawsuits.

That should be ready to rock and roll by August 1st, coincidently the anniversary of the first brand article written.

Hit me up at justin@sowht.com if you have hatemail.

Update: July 10th

So, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I dropped this post. After grinding over the July 4th weekend, I came to the realization that I a) am not good at writing daily news pieces over drops and b) suck when I try. So it’s time to bring on writers to take care of that for me. While they take care of those quick hits, I’ll be working 1 on 1 with brands to do interviews, create those brand compilation posts and big ass articles.

In the meantime, we’re still set to launch the ecommerce section on August 1st. If you’re a brand owner and want to get your page set up before the launch, check out this link to get in before then: https://sowht.com/vendor-registration

Here are a few reasons its a good idea:

  • Easier to write articles about your brand
    • With brands all in one location, it’s easier to see what’s being created and release dates. We won’t have to scour the web for new releases.
  • Include your brands in our style guides
    • Similar to the last post, we have one central location with can get most of our information from. Instead of linking out to some Carlton brand on Amazon, we can link back to the homies.
  • Mega lists
    • In case you don’t know, its super hard to keep track of all the brands coming out and falling off. With a nice database, we can make big ass lists like “best underground streetwear brands from California” which surprisingly gets a lot of searches.
  • More customers
    • With more brands listed, more styles will be featured on the website. Some of those brand’s customers will inevitably like your shit as well. So unless you’re getting less than 6,000 page views per month (as of the first half of 2018 for us), you can totally benefit from signing up and selling on So Wht.

Plus if you’re all set up before the launch day, you’re a Day 1 and will be locked in at whatever fee % you start at as long as it benefits you.

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