Throw PSA and neighborhood announcements, a dash of sarcasm and an illustrator with an itch to sketch together, give it all a whirl and Bad Neighbors is what you’ll get.

The up and coming Bostonian streetwear label is bringing a refreshing change to the urban casual wear scene. Where most of the competition is cornering (read overcrowding) the edgy-bordering-on-crazy aesthetic, Bad Neighbors is trying their hand at a little positive messaging. Most of their prints are lighthearted puns, mocking the mainstream ‘cool’.

The brand is still in its infancy, created just a few months ago, but it has really started to take off. I went to their site to check out some of their merch, and almost all of it’s sold out clean.

Curious about how Bad Neighbors was pulling this uptick off, the So Wht team reached out to the man running the entire show. Ty is the chill BMX rider turned illustrator/web developer who now dons the ‘entrepreneur’ hat too. He believes that he was just trying to push his goofy take on things out to the world, and some of it just stuck with people.

Well, that’s just a modest, mellowed out way of saying that his prints are cool and that’s why people are digging them. The graphics are monotone but interesting, but what I really like about these tees is the dad-jokes-leveled-up vibe that each pun and concept has. That is what really makes these designs stand out from the crowd.

Now, on to some inside scoop, after his last drop, Ty is thinking of putting some sort of a holiday collection together. He was pretty tight lipped about the specifics, but I am crossing my fingers and hoping that he does something Halloween related. What do you guys think?

These are all his social media handles, reach out and let him know that a holiday drop would be “pretty dope” indeed.