Now Live: The Blank Traveler’s Outlaw Collection

Button downs and flannel everything, Fall wear just makes sense with those. Maybe that’s why the Outlaw collection from The Blank Traveler is growing on me.

If the label’s name didn’t give you any hints, the TBT guys down in Cambridge (MA) design each collection with a place and point in history in mind. From the looks of it, the latest collection was inspired by the founding fathers, with the star spangled banner appearing in a couple of designs.

There are a few good tees in the collection too, but the showstopper is this denim button down (Am I right or am I right?!).

Head down to their website and Insta, to see the designs in all their glory, their information is linked down below.

TBT website

TBT on Instagram

TBT on Facebook

TBT on Twitter

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