Bittersweet Announces its New Hoodie Line

After the success of their Striped collection, Bittersweet is gearing up for more with their upcoming line of hoodies. Inspired by the brand’s new emblem, the Bittersweet Nightshade collection is slated to release on 30th September.

Staying true to the label’s minimalist aesthetic, these new designs are gender neutral too. Simple and universal base shades of olive, black and white complement the contrasting accents. There is a patch detailing on the arm and also an embroidered logo on front. The size range is decent, starting from medium and going all the way to XXL.

Although team Bittersweet did level some things up this time around, the new line boasts of three different color variants for the hoodie. That is a step up for the NZ company, which usually doesn’t offer that kind of color options.

So close to the drop date, the brand is probably hard at work. Coordinating the production with their Pakistani, Chinese and American manufacturers can’t be too easy.

For now, sneak previews and mock ups of the hoodies are up on their website. Followers can finally expect a look book on their Instagram page in a few days, before the end of September launch.

As a special treat for all the loyal Bittersweet fans out there, the hoodies are up on a presale now. Check them out and book your orders soon.

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