Get a Taste of Bittersweet

We at So Wht have been spending some time recently, profiling some of our favorite up and coming brands, naturally Bittersweet had to be mentioned. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the streetwear label has really shown what a start-up done right looks like.

Everything about the brand looks in sync and polished; their apparel aesthetic, how and where they source material from, the look of their website and social media, literally everything. All of it is super organized and still has an effortlessly cool vibe to it. You don’t see too many indie brands this evolved this soon.

Originally called Bittersweet Creatives, the company started off as a design house, a one-stop shop that offered photography, designing, videography and much more. The man behind it all, Declan Short, branched out into apparel to fill a vacuum in the local streetwear niche. He felt there weren’t enough options that were smartly priced, offered good quality and actually looked nice.

Bittersweet designs are androgynous, wearable and just down-right good looking. The production is a global affair, something that the brand celebrates. They work with local and international companies to bring their designs to life and offer customers quality well worth the price tag.

Short has big plans for his company; he is still working on building his design suite company and simultaneously grow the Bittersweet apparel division. He has been hinting at upcoming collaborations with local artists, pop-up shops and working with mainstream retailers as well.

Delivering to a number of countries worldwide, Bittersweet is a label to look out for, no matter where you are. Head down to their website and social media platforms to see what Declan and the team have been up to.




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