Bête Noire’s First Drop: A So Wht Exclusive

In a first for So Wht, Bête Noire has dropped an exclusive piece available only on the website. The Shadow Man teeshirt is a physical representation of the brand itself:

When an explosion is hot enough, and you’re close enough to it, your body disappears, but your shadow stays there. This shirt represents the mindset of Bête Noire. Nothing lasts forever except impact. Though in 100 years, the brand may not exist, it intends to leave an impact on culture that no one will be able to ignore, even when the Earth no longer holds you or I. I hope the vibrant brick red wall, semi-transparent man and the text, reminiscent of comic book signatures, inspire you, whether or not you choose to purchase this shirt.

You can grab the shirt here, available in sizes small to extra large. With it comes a dope pin to stick on whatever you want.
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