Artist in Focus – Rocco Malatesta

We are always down for some good designing, which is why Malatesta’s work had us floored. Based in Poland, Rocco Malatesta is an independent artist who started off printing his designs on blanks for fun and things just took off from there.

And although his trajectory is great, it isn’t really surprising. A quick look at his web store is enough to see his passion for design, from graphic tees to straight up art prints, there is a lot of cool stuff up there.

The clothing line is a mix of hard to miss prints, some crazy detailing and just fun concepts. Even though most of the pieces are printed, there are some embroidered pullovers and head gear that round things out.

Everything from the one man operation generally has a regular cut and fit, which kinda makes sense since his work is focused on actual prints and designs more than anything else.

Check out his designs in action on social media or just drop down to his site and show him some love.

Malatesta’s store

Rocco on Instagram

Rocco Malatesta’s Twitter

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