The Best Techwear Style Guide

For a while now, especially in 2018, techwear has become more of a mainstream outfit and less of a niche with an enormous increase in its fashion following. Although some may not be familiar with this fashion yet, it can be best viewed from the perspective of how Aiden Pearce dresses (the protagonist of the Watch Dogs video game). To pull off this aesthetic look, emphasis should be placed on the clothing material, in particular, your tops, while others such as the bottoms, shoes, accessories as well as the brands must also be put into consideration.

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What is Techwear?

Techwear, also known as technical clothing, is everyday wear that provides comfort and utility and as well as conveying unique and technically advanced fabric. It is a clothing style that is characterized by breathability, smooth movements, comfort, water-resistance, heat insulation, additional accessory storage, and lots more. Although there is more to unpack in this space as far as techwear is concerned, then this can be considered as an insight into what techwear is.

Around techwear fashion is a recently grown culture and aesthetic with numerous brands popping up to capture the style effectively, albeit not cheaply. This development has contributed to the growth of the techwear fashion community leaving its enthusiasts with more interest and passion for the style. It is important to note that it does not necessarily mean the type of tech we all know, but techwear lovers can include tech accessories to complement the outfit. Meaning it focuses on the individual pieces, features, fit, and construction such as labels like Stone Island and Nike ACG.

However, you can easily incorporate techwear fashion into your everyday lifestyle by including the color palette and functional advantages by keeping an eye on critical pieces and building your entire outfit around them. We assume you have a general idea of what to rock with techwear, so we’ll go into some lesser talked about pieces you can fit into your wardrobe.

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Coolest Techwear Pants

Are you confused about the techwear pants to rock for your outing? Well, let’s take a look at the techwear pants that are built from highly engineered fabrics for warmth, stretch, water resistance and varieties of other attributes that ordinary fabrics can’t offer. There are vast varieties of techwear pants by several brands out there, they include;

Heattech Stretch Slim Pant by Uniqlo

This line of clothing by Uniqlo undoubtedly offers one of the best prices as well as quality in the world of techwear fashion. Although the fabric used for Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Stretch Slim Pants may be of low quality when compared with other high techwear brands, it will give an extra warm quality, quick to dry, and stretch for comfort, unlike the traditional fabrics. It is worth the price and does the job.

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Slim Dungarees by Outlier

In the recent decades, Outlier serves as one the favorite among techwear enthusiasts and denim heads. They offer their lovely Slim Dungarees that feature a conventional five pocket jean pattern coupled with ample thigh room with a sizeable taper below the knee. The Slim Dungarees fabrics are treated with nano product to withstand dirt and resist water and are constructed from a custom, 2-way stretch canvas. They are durable and dry more quickly than the traditional fabrics. This is because the weft is made from poly/nylon and the warp is made of Cordura nylon.

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Slim Fit Bi-Stretch Trousers by Levi’s Commuter Series

Another reputable brand in Techwear fashion is Levi’s. Levi’s Commuter Series offers a wide range of great products for techwear fanatics, especially for cyclists. Among the techwear pants they offer are the Slim Fit Bi-Stretch Trousers that are made from 42%/52%/6% polyamide/cotton/elastane-blend. This trouser may seem to look unusual at first glance but looks excellent upon closer inspection. The trouser offers a u-locker holder, mesh lining, gusset, and reflective tape outseam- all of which makes the tech pants deviates from the ordinary. You can incorporate these tech pants into your techwear wardrobe, and it is available at an affordable price.

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Anode Comp Pants (Arc’teryx Veilance)

Regarding technical material, Arc’teryx Veilance is well known for producing some of the most excellent techwear pants that offer pretty solid and lightweight materials. Their Anode Comp Pants are made from two fabrics including cotton/nylon and cotton lining blend. The Anode Comp Pants feature unique slit rear and front pockets, a yoke-less design, webbing belt loops and many more.

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Nike-ACG Pants

For techwear pants, Nike-ACG is one of the most trending versions, and they are pretty fashionable. Big thanks to Nike ACG for the contribution to techwear community. Being a subsidiary line of Nike, they produce innovative techwear pants that feature the new blend of 97% poly and 3% elastane and look pretty cool when you add them to your techwear outfits. Their tech pants are suitable for all climates and feature a water-repellent finish that will help keep you warm during the variable weather. To switch up the style, the Nike-ACG-Pants features an elastic bungee and button allows you cinch up the hems.

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Mission Jeans by Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop is a brand that has contributed to the growth of techwear fashion by producing the mission jeans. Mission jeans are no slouch made by Mission Workshop and are best known for bags. They are fabricated from custom-made fabrics with 10%/35%/55% elastane/polyamide/cotton blend that is durable, breathable and resists water and specks of dirt. They come in two cuts; slim and straight and are not too different from your standard five pocket jeans either. Mission Jeans feature nice detailing like hidden rivets on the rear pockets and tucked bet loops for good measure.

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AeroDri 4 Season Wool Trouser

AeroDri 4 Season Wool Trouser is one of many techwear pants produced by Makers & Riders. These techwear pants are relatively cheap, and it’s just a little below a hundred bucks. They are excellent entry level tech pants made up of 51%/46%/3% Polyester/Wool/Spandex blend that is durable, light, resistant to water, and attractive. AeroDri 4 Season Wool Trousers feature slanted front hand pockets, a tapered silhouette, and a hidden zipper back pocket. As far as this techwear pants are concerned, they are machine washable, and breathable in the harshest of conditions. No doubt, the textiles used for this product are highly rated with any of the techwear pants available.

Best Techwear Jackets

Whenever techwear crosses our minds, we think of techwear jackets. As a result, jackets are an essential part of techwear fashion. Techwear jackets are divided into two broad types – softshell and hardshell. Both are used for specific reasons:

  • Softshell jackets offer breathability, comfort, and allows natural movements due to their soft shell. However, they don’t provide the environmental protection that the hardshell jackets provide, but instead, they repel light precipitation such as drizzle or snow and are perfect for winter sports. Softshell jackets can also have a durable waterproof coating (DWR).
  • Hardshell jackets on the other hand help protect its user against harsh weather conditions with a versatile outer layer that users can layer underneath. Hardshells are fully waterproof, windproof, and breathable and very useful during more torrential downpours and snowy conditions.

To start building a techwear wardrobe with techwear jackets, there are several things to put into consideration including cost. The familiar techwear jacket is from Nike-ACG, ACRONYM and more that are cost associated. Some of the best techwear jackets that are good for the money includes

Condor Aegis

Condor Aegis techwear jacket

Condor is a military brand, and they produce lots of technical wears like a tactical vest, gun pouches and more. They offer one or two quite cool options for jackets.  Their jackets are super minimal and come in varieties of colors which makes them a tech approved gear. There a two extra taped seam zips on the chest with a spacious hood that gives big self-lord ninja vibes.

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Codered ANk Shell

Codered is another brand that offers nice stuff in their jacket section. One of the best jackets they offer is the ANK Shell that provides an asymmetrical zip, two big off-center pockets at the front, built-in face mask, integrated hand gloves, and many more. It comes in different colors and relatively cheap compared to the Nike-ACG. It’ll help to spice up the desired techwear vibes.

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Nikelab Tech Fleece Hooded Jacket

The Nikelab Tech Fleece Hooded Jacket is one of the most used techwear jackets in the techwear space, and it’s got a lot of features that makes the gear unique. It has a little asymmetrical sleeve, off-center pocket on the chest, and it has a jacket backpack sling, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

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Riot Division M65

riot division m65 jacket

The Riot Division M65 transformer jacket is cheap – a little above $100 and probably one of the warmest in the series of techwear jackets. It’s got few different pockets on the front which can be mixed up to get the techwear looks you have always wanted.

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Elhaus Sheperd

elhause sheperd jacket

Elhuas is an Indonesia brand that produced military stuff. The Elhaus Sheperd jacket has a lot of graphical detail going on and a big print on the back as well. It is unique, cheap, it has nice angled pocket, and if you want a little flashy stuff, then the Elhaus Sheperd is one the best options.

Check it out on the Elhause website

Cleanest Techwear Shoes

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Recently, techwear is one of the most alluring styles in street fashion. So, choosing shoes to go along with techwear style can be challenging sometimes. Here is a list of cleanest techwear shoes you can add to your techwear outfits.


ADIDAS SEEULATER is tech-inclined, and it’s one of the cleanest you can add to your collection. It’s rugged and perfect for outdoors and hiking enthusiasts. It’s desirable and more appealing to more functions, and It is minimal minded.

Nike SF Air Force 1


This sneakers brings much more rugged and heavy duty styles to the techwear space. When you rock the Nike SF Air Force 1, it gives you a unique and a distinctive look. To avoid a color blocking, you can stick to the traditional black and mix it with a little bit of white.

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NIkelab GyaKusou Gaiter Boot

This techwear shoe is a great no lace sneaker boot that places the tech and functional vibe on it users. Some takeaways from the sneaker boot include a wrap-around zipper system that gives security to the ankle area and more. It’s a pretty cool shoe on its own and a must for a true tech fanatic.

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Others include Vapor Max Utility, Presto Utility, NIKE KMTR

Complete the Outfit with a Techwear Backpack

Techwear backpacks are also an essential of techwear style and searching for the ones that suit your outfit can be a hassle. This may be due to cost, durability, aesthetic and lots more. You can complete your outfit with the following backpacks:

  • Jansport’s Right Pack
  • The North Face Recon
  • Fjallraven Kanken
  • Hynes Eagle
  • Timbuk2 Ramble Pack
  • Herschel Little America

Best Techwear Brands

There are vast varieties of techwear brands to look out for in the techwear space. Most of these brands have helped to populate the techwear community with their fashionable tech wears that range from athletic wear to hiking/outdoor-inspired gear. Here are some of the best techwear brands that provide unique offers to techwear enthusiasts.

Nike ACG

Recently, the ACG line of Nike was overhauled. This brand focuses more on the outdoors and hiking lifestyle. The brand offers fantastic techwear pants, shoes, accessories and lots more.


Outlier is a Brooklyn-based brand that is well known and has made a name for itself in techwear space. Outlier is popularly known for Slim Dungarees, OG pants and many more. Outlier mostly produces minimal aesthetics.


Among the techwear brands, ACRONYM is one of the most progressive forces as they offer uncompromising features packed into each piece.

Ten C

Ten C offers technical shells with a military look. Therefore their products are perfect for those whose wardrobe lean towards workwear and vintage stuff. Ten C is known for Silhouettes such as the M65 which are made of knitted nylon/polyester microfiber.

Others are Stone Island and Shadow Project, Arc’Teryx Veilance, Herno Laminar, C.P Company and many more.

Techwear on a Budget

Generally, techwear is expensive to get into. The expensive end of techwear offer engineered garments with high-performance materials. However, the cheaper end of techwear can still offer good quality, but it requires a lot more effort. Uniqlo offers cheaper high-performance gear while other brands such as Maker & Riders, NIKE, Outlier sometimes offer less expensive techwear.

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