Pulling Off the Sling Bag

Gone are the days when big bags dominate the fashion space, but nowadays, people increasingly prefer to use small easy to access sling bags. This is as a result of the fact that these slings bags offer a more free movement. The good news is that there are vast varieties of lovely sling bags out there that will make you look ready at any time.

To properly pull off the sling bag the sling must snug tight to the user and allows quick access to essentials and freer movement on the go.

What are Sling Bags?

Sling Bags are bags that have a single shoulder strap by which one end of the strap is attached to the top and the other end is attached to the bottom of the bag. The strap on the sling bag can be adjusted and are used to create a specific angle on the body. Sling bags possess both inner pockets and outer pocket which are the best fit for keeping your phone, wallet, camera, identification cards, and other personal items safe.

All these being said, a good sling bag must possess lots of characteristics including lightweight, padded back panel, long padded and adjustable strap to keep you comfortable, built-in security features to avoid loss of physical belongings, allow easy access to your items, multiple compartments designed to keep your items well organized, and many more.

Other names for a sling bag includes cross body bag, sling backpack, messenger bags, courier bags, and many more.

Backpacks vs. Sling Bags

For a lot of reasons, many may prefer the sling bag to the traditional backpack or the other way round. This section is an attempt to solve this dilemma by exploring the pros of sling bag over the traditional backpack, they include;

  • Easy to use
  • The sling bag is less cumbersome, allows you to get your stuff without taking it off
  • Reduces sweaty mess during long rides and many more.

Also, the sling bag often offers more storage space for personal belongings than the backpack.

Drawstring Bags vs. Sling Bags

The drawstring bag is a backpack with a drawstring at the top used for closing its mouth. It is used for carrying personal belonging like the sling bag. Unlike the Sling bag, the drawstring bag is a popular choice among sportsmen with only a compartment for your physical belongings. Like the sling bag, it can be used to carry toilet kits, small purchases, lunch, dry shoes, gym clothes and many more.

How to Wear a Sling Bags

After going through the tress of picking an outfit for the day, sling bag enthusiasts will need to pick the right sling bags that will go with the style as well as to carry all your belongings comfortably to work, schools, travel and lots more. Dress to impress by taking note of the following 5 ways of how to wear a sling bag.

Sling Bag for Sport

For sports enthusiasts, a comfortable and useful combination will be great when choosing a sling bag for their outfit. The canvas sling bag is a great fit with a sports T-shirt. The fabric materials for the two go great together. However, some sling bags come in all kinds of varieties including the fancy and the sporty edge. Try out any of the two that best fit your sport wears and rock it like a pro.

Perfect for a Business Outfit

You may be tired of rocking the old briefcase to your place of work or business meetings, try out the sling bag which is a perfect alternative and as well fashionable with your business outfit. When choosing a sling bag for business, consider the sling bags with black/brown color and those that are made with natural leather to boost your elegance.

Sling Bags for Casual

For casual wears sling bags are the best fit. You can rock sling bag on casual wears to several occasions including running errands within, grab coffee with friends, and out of the city, sweet dates and many more.

For Vacation

For vacation, sling bags come in handy to carry your money, brochures, wallet, keys, ticket, maps, and other useful physical belongings. It is of interest that classic sling bags are chosen to fit your outfit style and at the same time contains all your items needed for your vacation.


Another way to rock the sling bag is to carry all your school supplies, notebooks, textbooks, and many more in a fashionable way. Some of these sling bags come in dark or neutral colors that can best fit your school outfit. And after a stressful day in college, throw it over your shoulder and look awesome as you exit the school premises.

Man Bag Essentials

Today’s modern man needs to hold all essentials needed to deal with the daily grind. This is because it is necessary to avoid messing up one’s look with bulging pockets as a result of stuffing the pocket with everything that should have gone in the man bag. Let’s get started with the following man bag essentials;

  • Stain Remover Pen – For removing stains like coffee stains or any other mishap you have throughout your day.
  • Mini Lint Roller – Help get rid of hairs, strings, or anything that stick to your outfit.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Help sanitize your hand after several handshakes throughout your day.
  • ChapStick – For hydration and smoothing of your lips.
  • Breath Mints – To help prevent bad breath at any time.
  • Facial Wipes –Help keep sweat and oil off your face quickly.
  • Pain Medicine, Hair Spray, Protein Bar and many more.

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