When it comes to shopping for clothing that is trendy and in-style, more often than not men seem to be willing to let fashion slide to find comfort in their clothing. However, what men do not usually realize is that women pay attention to what they wear. Clothes say a lot about people, and men are no exception. In this article, we will look at several accessories and clothing that women typically find attractive on men.


Listen, this might be a given, because you’re probably thinking “I already wear a belt” or maybe something akin to “what’s so important about such a subtle accessory?” That’s fair, belts are pretty commonplace for men, but that doesn’t mean we’re about to completely forget about them. They have a lot of potential, and it’s always good to give a reminder. Unless you frequently go running (athleisure has some potential to attract women too! Just make sure to do it right), pair your outfit with a belt. And if you’re wearing something tucked (like a white tee and black boots) you can pair that with a solid leather belt and emulate that effortless bad boy look that women so often love.

Quality Footwear

Believe it or not, women look at men’s shoes, it’s an important outfit piece. And a man’s shoes say a lot about him apparently, so you’re going to want to give some thought to the vibes you’re sending out. Wearing high-quality footwear or unique footwear is bound to catch some attention as well. But don’t go too crazy, stick to the occasion at hand, and consider what’s on trend to match. So while statement sneakers might be super cool at a concert or party, you’ll leave some girls scratching their heads if you wear them to the office.

Rolling Sleeves

Men don’t quite get why their forearms are so important, but women love them, which is why rolled sleeves on a button up are such a huge hit. You not only look comfortable, but you are more comfortable yourself as well. This look gives off an air of comfort and casual, which is something women look for in a man. You can start by unbuttoning those sleeves after work and rolling them up to the bend of your elbows.

Jeans and a Tee

There is nothing simpler nor more classic than dark straight legged jeans and a classic white t-shirt. This comfortable look is something that all men can pull off. However, the t-shirt needs to fit correctly, and the jeans need to be the right color and cut to fit your body shape. For example, you don’t want to wear a shirt with baggy sleeves that cover up your biceps. You can even dress it up or down with a simple jacket like leather or a chambray shirt. Remember to dress according to your body type with this classic look.

Henley Tees

A classy step up from the average t-shirt, a Henley tee is ideal for bringing a little more to the table. These t-shirts draw attention to the muscles, which is something that women enjoy. These shirts are also easy to style since they come in a variety of colors that are neutral like navy, black, white, and gray. You can push the sleeves up some for a little rolled-up sleeve action. Pair a Henley with a nice pair of jeans and leather belts for that classic look we keep mentioning.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to gain women’s attention, turn to your wardrobe. There’s a lot of potential there if you’re willing to put in the effort.