Men’s Palewave Style Guide

Fashion and style can be viewed as two different things entirely and can also be seen as similar entities in a lot of ways. In essence, fashion is all about ones look and image that are used in the contemporary world whereas style is the expression of one’s individuality that can be manifested through many ways including clothes and more.

Recently, Palewave has proven to be one of the leading fashion styles due to the level of uptake and interest among people. Palewave is a movement of fashion that centers on muted and pale colors such as light pink, light blue, grey and more.


Fortunately, palewave is not limited to summer months alone; it is excellent all year round. There are several ways by which the palewave style can be incorporated into your wardrobe and everyday lifestyle during the summer, winter, spring and sometimes in autumn.

The purpose of this guide is to describe the standard but unique ways to mix things up or play with your color palette to achieve the palewave style. It is important to know that there is no ultimate rule to palewave style, but essential views to consider when palewaving. The following are the essentials of an aesthetic palewave style.

The Palewave Color Scheme

Palewave is centered on pastel colors. These colors include mushroom, stormy sky, bark, limestone, sand, olive, fawn, deep sea, light pink, and more. Aside from the from the pastel color spectrum, white and grey can also be used to palewave.


To properly achieve a palewave style, you must avoid the use of the color black as palewave is ultimately all about relaxed super cool aesthetic. However, we all know fashion has rules to be broken. With that being said, mix any of these colors to achieve a super cool palewave movement.


Palewave Footwear

You can go palewaving by incorporating different kinds of dope shoes like sneakers of different muted and pale colors. Think white, grey, light blue and more. Different kinds and brands are very inexpensive and still have a great value such as

  • [earnist_link ref=”vans-old-skool” id=”2972″]Vans Old Skools[/earnist_link]
  • [earnist_link ref=”adidas-stan-smith” id=”2976″]Adidas Stan Smiths[/earnist_link]
  • [earnist_link ref=”converse-chuck-taylor-classic” id=”2974″]Converse Chuck Taylor Classics[/earnist_link]

and more or higher quality options such as

  • [earnist_link ref=”adidas-tubular-shadow” id=”2979″]Adidas Tubular Shadows[/earnist_link]
  • Lanvin Cap Toe Leathers
  • [earnist_link ref=”ermenegildo-zegna-pebbled-leat” id=”2980″]Ermenegildo Zegna Leather Shoes[/earnist_link]
  • Gucci Ace Embroidered Leathered Sneakers

And lots more to rock. To obtain a proper palewave style, it should go without saying that these shoes must be properly maintained and kept clean.

[earnist ref=”vans-old-skool” id=”2972″]

Also, palewave is not limited to sneakers but also extend to the usage of suede derbies, chukka, Chelsea boots, suede boots and more. Whenever you are rocking the suede footwear, go for the dusty and sandy colors to bring out the best style.

The Coolest Palewave Shirts and Tops

The palewave style has become its own subgenre, and you must choose dope tops to fit into the palewave movement. Palewave tops range from tees to jumpers and to shirts that all check out and look dope as long as they fit the color scheme.

coolest palewave shirts


Palewave shirts should be of subtle patterns and minimal prints, loose fits and more. You can also wear jumpers in varieties of colors including cream, grey, and light blue. Don’t forget about rocking dope fisherman knits as well. Also, your tees should be white, light pink, grey, and other palewave colors brought up earlier.

[earnist ref=”gildan-heavy-cotton-t-shirt-50″ id=”2983″]

The Best Palewave Jeans and Pants

Add the look of light wash denim to your wardrobe to achieve the palewave style you have been waiting for. Just combine your light wash denim jackets with a pair of tailored jogger pants or a luxe-hoodie to bring out that 90s flavor into your wardrobe.

You can get inexpensive and quality light-wash denim out there at websites such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and more.


Although not every piece has to be pale, as much as it fits with other colors, you should go for it. You should note that your denim should be more fitted and comfortable.

Try as much as possible to avoid the common black that goes against the palewave style. Your pants can be light wash denim, joggers, linen trousers, chambray shorts, and more. As long as you are mindful of the palewave color spectrum, you are doing it the right way.

For pants, you can rock slim khaki chinos, bluestone jean, grey wool pants, tapered khaki chinos, tapered light wash jeans, and more.

For shorts, you can look out for light wash denim shorts, khaki shorts, grey sweat shorts, scout shorts and similar styles.

Palewave Outerwear

Palewave outerwears can come out in different styles with the usual pale palette in minds such as denim jackets, suede jackets, rain jackets, blazers, macs and more.

As long as these jackets help to make your fit awesome and look good on you, then go for it. Layering is some of the most fun when it comes to fashion, so have fun with it.


[earnist ref=”asos-zip-up-hoodie” id=”2984″]

[earnist ref=”lightweight-cable-cardigan” id=”2986″]

Dope Palewave Accessories

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also achieve the palewave vibe by adding some of the available accessories to your palewave wardrobe.

Accessories include (but aren’t thought to be an accessory most of the time) socks such as

  • [earnist_link ref=”grey-wool-socks” id=”2990″]grey wool socks[/earnist_link]
  • beige wool socks
  • plain white socks

Dad hats and caps such as

  • grey rib-knit hats
  • [earnist_link ref=”cotton-low-profile-baseball-ca” id=”2991″]a plain white 6-panel cap[/earnist_link]
  • a plain light blue 6-panel cap

And more. When choosing your accessories, be mindful of the palewave color spectrum to efficiently look the part.

[earnist ref=”cotton-low-profile-baseball-ca” id=”2991″]

[earnist ref=”6-panel-baseball-cap” id=”2992″]


Palewave Outfit Ideas

As you continue to broaden your outlook on palewave syle, you should be more experimental with the essentials. The above essentials can be combined in diverse ways ranging from the caps to tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories and to footwears to obtain eye-catching and creative outfit combination.

Outfit Combination 1

One of the eye-catching combinations of palewave includes light wash denim jacket and khaki chinos. To finish your outfit combination, simply add a pair of white sock on an Adidas Stan Smiths or Adidas Superstars to grab drinks with friends.

[earnist ref=”calvin-klein-mens-denim-trucke” id=”2994″]

[earnist ref=”taper-fit-chino-pant” id=”2996″]

[earnist ref=”adidas-stan-smith” id=”2976″]

Outfit Combination 2

Another way to obtain a refreshingly modish look is to combine beige textured knit sweater with a light wash jean and be mindful of the socks to rock. You can rock this combo with Vans Old Skools to give your otherwise modern look a timeless feel.

[earnist ref=”slim-fit-pullover-sweaters-wit” id=”2997″]

[earnist ref=”levis-mens-511-slim-fit-jeans” id=”2998″]

[earnist ref=”vans-old-skool-2″ id=”2999″]

Outfit Combination 3

Ensure you stay on the right side of palewave style by matching the right palewave color scheme. Grey bomber jacket can be matched with your white tees on khaki chinos.  And for your footwear, you can rock the Vans Canvas Old Skools.

[earnist ref=”classic-quilted-padded-bomber” id=”3000″]

[earnist ref=”hanes-3-pack-tagless-crew-neck” id=”3001″]

[earnist ref=”taper-fit-chino-pant” id=”2996″]

[earnist ref=”vans-old-skool-2″ id=”2999″]

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