Men’s Complete Athleisure Style Guide

Athleisure is a fashion style that’s trending at an exponential rate for not just women but men as well. Athleisure is simply a fashion trend in which clothing specially designed for athletics or sporting activity are worn for other occasion and functionality. Sportswear has gradually made its way into people’s everyday apparels. Athleisure is a fashion movement that was believed to have its origin from women wearing yoga pants.

This idea was propagated with the help of improved textile materials and made viral in the bid to include workout into our busy schedule. Since this has become a trend, it’s only appropriate to make it as stylish as possible. The fact that these articles of clothing come in very comfy materials is part of why they stuck. They have been tailor-made to enhance every activity of the day.

Since its inception, athleisure has become acceptable for various occasions as it gradually imbibes itself into the trend. There is no particular time to wear these types of clothing. Athleisure works for all chill events.

Building an Athleisure Outfit

Every piece of clothing you put on has its very own importance and value. And finding your place in the athleisure world can be gradual or swift depending on how you ease into it. No rule fits all, and we all have our differences regarding what we like and don’t like.

For instance, for someone who doesn’t have … sudden boner syndrome …, some tight-fitting joggers wouldn’t be a bad idea whereas, for someone who doesn’t like the people sizing his crouch, he would find tight-fitting joggers inappropriate. Irrespective of our taste, choice, and differences, the following athleisure clothing’s are essential to follow this trend.

Athleisure Essential Clothing

Running Trainers: You might not find it entirely comfortable to dive straight into this trend. An excellent place to start is with the feet. Shoes are essential for comfort, and an appropriate pair of kicks with just the right color and texture would go a long way to make you feel trendy.

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High-tech sneakers: These have gradually found its way out of the stereotypical world. They can now pretty much go with anything, irrespective of the attire. They can function for casual, fresh and even semi-corporate.

Tailored Joggers: Joggers also go well to give you a comfortable look. The hint behind looking fashionably good in these is always to wear something that fits comfortably around your lower leg. Ensure they are tailored to fit you because the baggy ones would only leave you looking weird and out of place. Remember there is no harm in slim fitting it to your exact size. Looking dope and feeling comfortable is the aim.

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Sweatpants: Sweatpants are very cozy and are now the primary item for the athleisure look. They make movement very easy.

Hoodies: They can work as an expendable outfit on a warm day.

Track Jackets: This can function perfectly when dressing in layers.

Waterproof jacket: This is a very handy item for a rainy day. It keeps you dry on a drizzling day as you hurry about your daily activity. It also keeps you warm during the harsh weather and stylish.

Sweatshirt: These are very important and without them, your athleisure wardrobe would be incomplete. Some sweatshirts are made with high-tech synthetic to keep you cool.

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Extended-length tee: This is an essential component of your layered look. They leave you looking relaxed and emphasizes your outline.

Updated crewneck: These are your go-to when you need to keep warm. They make movement very easy without yielding the stylish you.

Athleisure Tips

  • Be sure to mix your sports pieces into your regular fashion wardrobe to make for a very balanced and cozy look. This is the backbone of the athleisure trend.
  • Be sure to mix an element of creativity, especially when mixing and layering pieces are involved. Take it up a notch.
  • Be sure to follow seasonal activewear trends.

  • Be sure to keep all your athleisure pieces clean and in good condition at all times. This is not an opportunity for you to be untidy by going around in sweaty athleisure outfits.
  • Be sure to iron at all times. This is not a hack to getting away from ironing. It just might not take as much time but always endeavor to make your outfit tidy.
  • Be sure to mix fashion fabrics, like denim and leather, with high-performance, sports fabrics. I personally find denim over joggers’ dope and cool. Try it.
  • Do not just throw on any old thing you’d wear to the gym. It is fashion and still has to go through the process of careful selection. It takes time, creativity and your desire to look fashionable.

  • Opt for a bomber jacket instead of a blazer to add an athleisure touch to outfits.
  • Don’t overlook the addition of accessories. Your watches, hand band, rings and even necklaces. They all complement your outfit.
  • Don’t forget about your signature style and look, just reinterpret it. The aim is to feel comfortable and stylish with your athletic wear.

  • Don’t go overboard with bright colors and prints. Cool colors dig with this style more.
  • Swap suit pants and jeans for more casual and sporty styles of trousers, such as joggers, sweatpants or even chinos.
  • Up your flexibility game with layers, this will help your transition from day to night outfit without having to change. And relax, layering doesn’t make you bulky. Just stick with thin fabrics.

  • A button-down shirt, yes can work very well with your athleisure sweatpants. They are best for a warm day.
  • Colors can be very tricky especially for men. You wouldn’t want to go out looking like a clown; hence when in doubt of what color to go with, just trust black, white and gray to save the day. These colors are just fail-safe and almost impossible to mess up.

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  • Almost every trend starts with people breaking some societal rules. It’s safe to break a few rules like a t-shirt under long sleeves. Or a lightweight hoodie for an event that makes shirts optional. You get to stand out and possibly start a new trend in the athleisure world.

  • Make sneakers your go-to footwear. I find them very comfy.
  • There is no harm in flaunting your socks accompanied by some pulled-up sweatpants.
  • When adding a pop of color, endeavor to make it an expendable item like your backpack or sneakers. You don’t want to be stuck all day with some red sweatpants. Or instead just layer with a simple color scheme like monochrome/shades of grey/camo-army green/ tan and green. These colors are masculine.

  • You can quickly turn a casual outfit into an athleisure look with sports-influenced accessories like duffle bags and baseball caps.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to match t-shirt color to shoes. They are even more stylish.
  • Above all, stay comfortable and don’t be afraid to try new things. Get creative. No one rule applies. Just do YOU.


On a final note, you need to understand that athleisure is all about sport than science, which means there’s no specific formula for the perfect look. The aim is to look comfortable and stylish; then you are good to go.

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