Complete Comfcore Style Guide

Comfcore, also known as comfwave, comfy core, or lazycore, is a clothing style described as being a mix between a Tuesday evening before bedtime and a Sunday afternoon hungover as hell from the night before. Or you can just look at what Mac DeMarco is wearing on any day of the week.

The first thing you need to remember if you want to dress in comfcore is that being comfortable is number one priority. Fashion is a far second place. Functionality falls somewhere between third and tenth.

The basics when it comes to comfcore or any of its variants are comfortable sneakers, sweatpants or joggers, and basic tees or sweaters. Keep the logos and graphics at zero to really embrace the aesthetic. Underwear not required.

Stand up, cozy boys.

Comfcore Shirts

Like previously stated, basic tees are a staple for comfcore. Don’t have graphics on those shirts either, stick to inexpensive plain colored shirts. Since you’re going for comfort and not trying to flex you can get something simple like these [earnist_link ref=”amazon-essential-crewneck-t-sh” id=”3027″]Amazon essential crewneck t-shirts[/earnist_link] in black. Be sure to size up for that extra room.

Other recommendations for shirts include [earnist_link ref=”hanes” id=”3028″]Hanes[/earnist_link] and [earnist_link ref=”gildan” id=”3029″]Gildan[/earnist_link]. You’re going to be paying about $3 per shirt, which is a steal.

How to Layer Comfy Core

Ah, layering. The timeless tradition of styling up your outfit easily by adding another dimension to it. Look at the guy above. He layered his plain white shirt with a grey hooded robe and suddenly he has that fresh-out-the-shower look.

When it comes to picking pieces, think of the versatility of the layer. Can it be rocked with multiple outfits or is it a one-off piece that only goes with a certain pair of sweats or shoes?

My friend Thad’s got on that hooded robe that has tons of versatility.

Comfortable Pants

Comfcore generally doesn’t include jeans with sweatpants and joggers being the staple. Is there anything more comfortable than sweatpants? Besides being butt naked, I don’t think there is.

You can’t go wrong with a simple pair of Champion or Hanes sweatpants. The colors offered give you a massive variety to mix and match depending on your fit.

[earnist ref=”champion-closed-bottom-sweatpa” id=”3030″]

[earnist ref=”champion-powerblend-fleece-jog” id=”3031″]

[earnist ref=”hanes-sweatpants” id=”3032″]

Best Comfcore Footwear

Easily what can be considered the most diversifiable section when it comes to comfy core, the options for footwear are pretty gnarly. You can choose to go with a classic sneaker like [earnist_link ref=”vans-old-skool” id=”2972″]Vans Old Skools[/earnist_link] or go for something like slip-on sandals. Hell, you could rock some alpaca fur lined slippers like I have on right now.

It all depends on how it makes you feel, as long as it makes you feel good.

[earnist ref=”vans-old-skool-2″ id=”2999″]

[earnist ref=”slip-on-sandal” id=”3035″]

[earnist ref=”suede-slip-on-moccasins” id=”3036″]

Comfy Core Inspiration Album

Look at my man right here. I can feel the comfort, even if his slip-ons look too small. He’s got the layering down, chill ass shirt on and sweatpants looking clean.

Curve ball. My man’s got on a denim jacket. Maybe that thing is comfortable as hell, so let him do as he pleases.

Onesie aesthetic.


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