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Fashion collaborations are nothing new; they’ve been happening for a long time. However, in recent years it seems like they have become the norm with top fashion brands coupling up to come up with mind-blowing fashion lines. It always makes sense for such brands to get together for a project because it’s a win-win situation for both with each side enjoying the other’s market share. At times, you hear of collaborations and wonder whether they’ll work, especially if the brands involved have been in cut-throat competition through the years. All in all, fans are always eager to see who their favorite fashion brand collaborates with next because it brings new energy. More often than not, the fans either are always winners at the end of the day especially if something phenomenal is created.

Supreme is a household streetwear fashion brand which was founded in 1994 in NYC. It has stood the test of time and over the years has been able to attract a huge fan base due to its creative ideas. Supreme always breathes in a wave of fresh air with its creativity in streetwear, which is a welcome idea for an industry that can sometimes be saturated with old and worn-out fashion. Throughout its lifespan, Supreme has collaborated with so many notable fashion brands, some of which surprised the fans because they didn’t see it coming. Let’s look at some of the top Supreme collaborations:


Source: Grailed

Supreme’s first collaboration with Japanese brand UNDERCOVER produced some iconic fashion items, all of which boasted catchy graphics such an image of the famous Villain The Wicked Witch of the West. In 2016, they linked up again to create a full range of outfits and shoes. The entire collection from their collaboration sold out fast once it was released in stores, which is evidence that the collaboration worked. We can’t wait for the next time these two giant streetwear brands link up again for something great.


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Back in 1999, Supreme linked up with streetwear brand GOODENOUGH to create a simple T-shirt which had the names of both brands printed at the back, reading SUPREMENOUGH. GOODENOUGH had started four years before Supreme, back in 1990 and is regarded as one of the fashion brands that revolutionized the streetwear fashion industry. As a matter of fact, notable streetwear brands BATHING APE AND UNDERCOVER were founded by people who once worked under Hiroshi Fujiwara who is the founder of GOODENOUGH.

Supreme & W)TAPS

Source: Freshness

The two brands first collaborated in 2001, on a T-shit that had Supreme’s logo printed on the front and a W)TAPS logo printed at the back. The duo would later team up again in 2007, for a military inspired line which became very successful, endearing Supreme to the Japanese fashion market where W)TAPS hails from.

After the success of their two previous collaborations, they linked up again in 2009 for a campus inspired line, consisting of T-shirts, jackets, and pillows. I know the fans can hardly wait for the next time these two giants link up again.

Supreme & A Bathing Ape

Source: Hyperbeast

A Bathing Ape was founded in Japan in 1993 one year before Supreme came into being. With one brand starting out in Japan and the other in New York, they both appealed to different demographics but shared almost the same path; a steady rise to the top.

In 2002, the duo decided to link up for a collaboration project, which featured a white Supreme tee with the brand’s logo printed on the front. Being a collaborative effort, the tee also featured an Ape head tag on the sleeve. This was a great project because fans from both worlds got to enjoy a piece of the other. It was more of Japanese culture and New York culture linking up.

Supreme & Neighborhood

Source: Pisschild

For two streetwear brands that were founded the same year, it was only a matter of time before they collaborated. They linked up in 2006 for another Tokyo-New York collaboration, creating a satin baseball jacket which was only available in two colors. They produced some more products, namely: denim jeans available in two colors, New Era fitted hats available in four colors and a t-shirt with the two brand logos printed which was available in three colors.

Following the success of their first collaborative effort, they teamed up again one year later for a range of apparel. They repeated it in 2009, for a tee that had each brand’s logo on each shoulder. The tee also featured a graphic bat across the chest.

Supreme & FILA

Source: Grailed

Back in 2007, the two fashion brands worked on a collabo project that produced headbands/wristbands, a short-sleeve polo, and a track jacket.

Supreme & Nike

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In 2007, they also linked up with Nike for a Baseball jacket. To cement the collaboration, the jacket featured a large Nike branding on the back & front and the logo NYC SUPREME was stitched at the back on the lower section. Their collaborations would continue in the coming years, most notably in 2014 and 2016.

Supreme & APC

Source: Grailed

In 2009, Supreme linked up with popular French denim brand APC for a denim jean design that featured Supreme’s FUCK ‘EM logo embroidered on the back pocket. To crown it all, they designed a graphic t-shirt which was available in two colors; black and red.

Supreme & Champion

Source: Supreme

In 2010, the two brands combined hands to produce ‘The Supreme & Champion coaches’ jacket. It had the Supreme brand logo on the back and the Champion ‘C’ logo on the upper front and was available in five different colors. This was a great partnership.

Supreme & Air Jordan

Source: Kiscksonfire

The collaboration finally happened in 2016, in anticipation of the release of Air Jordan V sneakers. The duo released a range of apparel, namely: a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, hooded college jacket, coach jacket, sweatpants and snapback hat. The clothing was made available on the market a week after the release of the Air Jordan V.

Supreme & Timberland

Source: Hypebeast

In December 2016, the two giants linked up to produce a Timberland & Supreme branded hooded sweatshirt and beanie all designed in five different colors.

Supreme & Louis Vuitton

Source: Hypebeast

The fashion collaboration between Supreme and the fashion giant Louis Vuitton was surprising and unexpected, given the two brand’s rough history. It should be remembered that back in 2000, Louis Vuitton slapped Supreme with a lawsuit for unauthorized use of its trademark. Thus, when rumors started flying that the two would be working on something, most people thought it was a hoax.

On January 2017 the two finally confirmed their collaboration through a press statement, which was later followed by a runway show in Paris, with models displaying some of the products. The LV * Supreme collaborative streetwear apparel will officially be released in July 2017.


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