Top 10 Streetwear Sweatshirts and Tops

Sweatshirts have come a long way and it`s hard to imagine that they were once the preferred choice of outfit for manual laborers working in cold places because they could keep their heads & hands warm. Fast-forward to current times and Sweatshirts have become a must-have fashion accessory. In simple terms, they are now regarded as a fashion statement.

Every celebrity nowadays wants to rock streetwear Sweatshirts, including the nerdiest ones. Streetwear sweatshirts are now the preferred apparel for work-at-home dads & moms and tech startup geeks. This thus explains why over the last decade, every top clothing brand seems to have added a line of fancy streetwear sweatshirts to their production. Sweatshirts are no longer just sporting apparel; they are a fashion accessory that everyone wants in their closet. No matter how uptight you are, you`ll always a way to rock find streetwear sweatshirts.

Not every clothing brand can be linked to quality streetwear tops; there are those who make good tops and then there are those make great tops. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of the underground clothing brands make better streetwear tops compared to other overrated household brands. Let’s have a look at the top 10 streetwear sweatshirts that are a must-have for anyone who is a Sweatshirt junky:

Adidas Back Again Sweatshirt

Adidas Back Hoodie

Source: whowhatwear

The Adidas Back Sweatshirt is definitely a must-have streetwear accessory. It is mainly a male top, but it looks so good I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t mind getting a piece of it for a boyfriend kind of look. It goes for about £90, so if you consider anything less than 100 bucks to be fair then this one is for you.

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Champion Oversized Sweatshirt

Source: imdrewscott

Champion is a streetwear brand that has given us classics after classics and on this one they were spot-on too. The top has the brand`s logo printed on the front with faint font, probably to make the wearer feel like a low-key champion. This one is for the ladies and it goes for £155.

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Ganni O`Neill Cotton Sweatshirt

Source: whowhatwear

Ganni O`Neil seldom disappoints when it comes to simple classy tops and this one is no different. Here, the streetwear brand comes up with a simple cotton top with prints on both sleeves. It’s more of a unisex top but definitely a perfect fit for the ladies.

Vetements Football Shoulder Hoodie

Source: Allure

Vetements has always been a Kanye West favorite and if you know Kanye, you know he`s a fashion powerhouse. Here, the Kanye West approved brand comes up with a black Sweatshirt that has wide shoulders and white graphics printed at the front. Vetements has always targeted the very upscale buyer which explains why their designs are always linked with celebrities. It thus comes as no surprise that this hoodie goes for about £1500.

Lacausa Oversize Hoodie

Lacausa Oversize Hoodie

Source: whowhatwear

This one is definitely a good catch for any fashion-conscious lady. The neckline is the most spectacular thing about this top, besides the color and flowing hoodie. You can always wear it with your denim jeans for your summer laid-back days and stand out. It is relatively affordable and for £235 you`ll take it home with you.

Champion Overhead Runner Jacket

Source: Asos

Ever since Champion adopted streetwear, the fashion industry hasn’t been the same. The brand’s ability to come up with creative ideas for the streetwear industry makes it one of the most-sought-after brands for quality hoodies and on this one they don’t disappoint either. We are all used to cotton sweatshirts, because it`s the norm. However, this time Champion decided to break from the norm and create a shower-ready polyester hoodie that`s fashionable in both color and design. Its price tag is also relatively affordable and for £105 you`ll have yours delivered.

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Vetements Oversized Logo Top

Vetements Oversized Logo Top

Source: Forward

If you know Vetements well, then you definitely know they represent the ladies. For years, they seem to have discriminated the man which is quite ok because the gents will always find a way to rock sweatshirts from the brand, even if they are meant for women. If you want a great oversize hoodie, you need to be rocking Vetements. For some reason, their tops are always oversize.

On this one, they come up with a black hoodie that has the brand`s logo embroidered at the top front. Be sure to cop yours at £475.

Yardsale Ash Grey Top

Yardsale Ash Grey Top Hoodie

Source: whatdropsnow

Yardsale has always represented the 80`s look with their streetwear sweatshirts and this one is no different. It is a simple yet elegant hoodie that has the brand`s logo embroidered at the middle-front part. You can rock it with a pair of denim jeans and get a great look especially if you are into the 80`s high-waist swagger. It`s a very affordable affordable hoodie from such a reputable brand and for only $59 you`ll have something to wear with confidence and flex for your friends.

J.Crew Italian Cashmere Top

J.Crew Italian Cashmere Top

Source: J.Crew

This is a great Sweatshirt that you can literary wear with anything and the best thing is that it keeps you warm. Hence you get optimum warmth and look fashionable; who wouldn’t want that?

It`s meant to complement your physique, so if you`re looking for an oversize-look you probably need to go for another brand like Vetements. I know a lot of startup owners somewhere in the Silicon Valley (who somehow always want a laid-back look) will definitely go for this one because it`s low-key and does not scream for attention. The J.Crew Italian Cashmere Sweatshirt goes for £248.

Nike Air White Cropped Sweatshirt

Source: Asos

In case you are tired of oversize sweatshirts, you need to cop the Nike Air Cropped top. If you`ve been hitting the gym and your abs are on point, this will be a perfect fit since its length is above the navel. It allows you to flex your abs all day. It has the Nike Air logo in large black font on the front, which makes it look way too classy. You can never go wrong when you combine black & white; they`re a match made in heaven. Match the Nike Air White Cropped Sweatshirt with grey sweatpants and you`ll be on fleek anywhere you go, apart from the office. It goes for £40 which is very affordable compared to the crazy price tags that we are used to when it comes to these top fashion brands.

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