Top 10 Streetwear Pants Styles

We all know that streetwear is always popping and it usually sets the pace for what’s trending most of the time. You may not rock streetwear on a weekday if your job does not allow it, but you will find a way to rock it during the weekend or on certain occasions. This is because the casual look that comes with rocking streetwear is what most of us want. Most people would rock streetwear every day if only their work dress code allowed it. This explains why most startup CEO’s are always rocking casual wear seven days a week.

Bottoms are a big part of streetwear; they complement the tees, the street footwear, and jackets. A streetwear look wouldn’t be complete without bottoms. The most vital part of streetwear bottoms is learning to rock what suits your body type and figure. Otherwise, you may very quickly end up looking very unfashionable which is a big waste considering all the money you’ve spent on buying the bottoms and shoes to match them. You don’t need a stylist to show you what will fit your body, but just in case you don’t even know what your body measurements are, then I guess you do need to hire one. This way, you will no longer be buying pants that are too long or are not able to fit right with your shoes.

Let’s discuss the top 10 streetwear bottom styles, so that next time you’re shopping, you will make an informed decision.

Denim Jeans

Denim Pants

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Jeans are the favorite type of bottoms for most people anywhere in the world. Go to any continent, and there is a high likelihood that you will find a lot of jeans fanatics. Even people who are not crazy about jeans have a couple in their closet, which they wear on certain occasions. It’s tough to be jeans hater because they’re everywhere. Almost every pair of pants you see in a store and you get crazy over the design is probably made from denim. Jeans form a fundamental part of streetwear, and the fact that there are so many styles that emanate from jeans makes it even more attractive. Think about it: skinny jeans, ripped jeans, baggy jeans, bootcut jeans, bell-bottoms and so on and remember, these are just basic styles. You are likely to find so much more if you dig deeper.

Why the craziness over jeans?

  • Jeans bottoms are long lasting
  • It offers versatility in the sense that you can wear it almost anywhere, apart from your wedding
  • It enhances women‘s butts
  • Jeans are easy to style
  • You can recycle a pair of jeans for a few days and no one is likely to notice


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Joggers are yet another type of streetwear bottoms that you should consider checking out and probably owning a few. However the thing about joggers is that you have to get it right and buy one that suits your body or you will end up looking bad, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t even have to be skinny, just find one that fits and suits your body.

Over the years, joggers have become a fashion statement and we now have top fashion brands releasing a line of trendy joggers every now and then. Joggers will always look good if you know how to dress them up and find the right shoes to match. They have a cool factor and will get you looking great but only if you follow the ‘jogger fashion rules.’ They are also comfortable and easy to wear.


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If you don’t like jeans for being a bit hard fabric-wise and uncomfortable, you will definitely fall in love with chinos. Unlike jeans, they are a bit looser and more relaxed which is definitely great in terms of flexibility and bending. Whatever you can get from a pair of jeans, you can equally get it from chinos.

The best thing about chinos is that they’re versatile, meaning you can wear them to any occasion whether it’s casual or formal. They are very comfortable around the waist and rarely tore off when you are sitting down because they use a rivet instead of a regular button. They are also very easy to match with shoes and are available in almost every color. Most importantly for the gents, women are always attracted to men who know how to rock chinos, especially if you’re good at matching them with the right shoes.


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Khaki pants are always great when you are looking for that mid-streetwear look because they are neither too street nor too formal. Unlike chinos which are made from 100% lightweight cotton, khaki bottoms are made from 100% heavyweight cotton. This means they are durable and have a tough feel which is synonymous with street life, considering we are taking about streetwear. All you need is the perfect shoe to match them with and you will have a cool factor around you all day.

Track bottoms

Track Pants

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If you are looking for spring streetwear bottoms, you find solace in track pants. Most importantly, there is some sort of revival for track pants and they are sort of back in fashion since their peak period of the 90’s. They are now trendy, cool and will definitely keep you dry when it’s rainy. They always look good if you wear them with a pair of running shoes or slip-on sneakers or you can also try rocking them with some low-top skate shoes. Don’t wear them too skinny or too baggy, just look for an excellent fit. They are also very easy to find while shopping, simply because all the big fashion brands have a line of track pants for both men and women. Track bottoms also allow people to break some fashion rules, such as color blocking and you can easily get away with it. Wear track bottoms if you are looking for freedom and comfort.

Corduroy bottoms

corduroy pants

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Corduroy bottoms will never go out completely; just when you thought you’d seen enough of them over the years, you know someone else with a pair makes you go bananas. They can be worn casual or formal and most importantly the fabric is very comfortable and well aerated. They can be skinny or with a flare hem and you can rock them anywhere and still look fashionable.

Cargo pants

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They give you that rugged look that is associated with street life and very trendy. The full protruding pockets and slim helm are very appealing and they are usually made from sturdy material in order to last longer. If you want to look great in cargo pants, just find the right fit and a great shoe to match them with. It doesn’t get more street than cargo pants.

Palazzo pants

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Are you looking for something great to wear during summer or spring time? Try Palazzo pants. Be unique don’t just rock jeans, skinny pants or tights. Add some flavor to your fashion and Palazzo is simply the best choice. They give you versatility, because you can wear them just anywhere; at work, formal functions, special occasions and unique hangouts. With Palazzo bottoms, you are able to experiment with colors which is something you may not easily get away with when it comes to other types of bottoms.

Prisoner drawstring pants

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Do you want to make a bold fashion statement? I believe it does not get better than rocking prisoner drawstring pants. Not a lot of people can comfortably pull off this look, but if you do you will definitely attract a lot of attention. These types of bottoms are not for everybody, I can’t emphasize this enough. They are for a particular demographic but are very trendy especially if you know the right kind of shoe to rock them with.Aviation pants

Aviation pants

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If you like tough, stylish bottoms, look no further than aviation pants. They are made from 100& cotton, which makes them durable and gives them a heavy feel. They have a metal rivet instead of the standard button in most bottoms which is very solid and will never tear off while you are sitting down. Furthermore, they have bat tack stitching which ensures they rip off easily. Most importantly, they are casual, comfortable and easy to wear.

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