Streetwear Fashion Trends for Men This Fall

The summer season is about to end paving the way for the cold autumn period. The weather is bound to change gradually, and so is the fall streetwear fashion. The light tees with bright summer colors will fade into more in neutral and warmer outfits perfect for the cold weather. The neutral and muted tones have dominated the autumn season for a very long time, but you should expect to see more people wearing vibrant colors this fall. Statement outfits such as fur jackets, overcoats, and shearling also seem may also dominate this fall’s streetwear fashion. Therefore, you should consider the functionality of the falls streetwear items rather than relying heavily on its stylish appeal.

Fall Streetwear in 2017

Autumn streetwear fashion focuses more on the outerwear. Therefore, getting a warm and comfortable yet stylish item should be the goal of every streetwear buyer. Remember that the street fashion trends are also changing every day with most people going for the sleek and premium trends other than the old baggy clothing. You also should note that the hip-hop artists no longer have a greater influence on the autumn streetwear like the previous years since most people now rely on uniqueness and individuality of an item rather than its popularity.

Temperatures will go down soon, and you do not have to wait until the discomforting chill hits you to visit a boutique for autumn streetwear. You can choose to go for the old jackets and coats in your wardrobe, but this will only make you appear boring and predictable. Therefore, you should go for some of the items below for this year’s fall

Statement Overcoats

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An overcoat is one of the streetwear outfits common with most celebrities and high-end street fashion enthusiasts. They have been in the market for a long time, but the recent trends have changed with more people going for the sophisticated designs and classic camel styles. The lighter tones of blue, ash gray and red have replaced the old neutral colors. You may consider getting this statement overcoat rather than going for the old and boring one hanging in your wardrobe.


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A turtleneck is a perfect fall streetwear item for anyone looking to keep themselves warm during the early autumn days and does not like scarves. Turtlenecks are slowly making a comeback into the streetwear fashion with more people embracing them over the last few years. The classical turtlenecks are available mostly in neutral colors allowing you to pair them with other modern streetwear jackets or coats. Some people have also used worn them with a suit for a formal look at work. They are ideal for the tall and slim men, so you should avoid wearing them if you have a round physique.


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Army boots not only add a stylish appeal to streetwear enthusiast but they also highlight the wearer’s confidence and strength. The boots keep your ankles warm during the cold months while their thick lug soles provide the best grip required to avoid slipping. You can choose between leather and a suede boot, but they all provide enough warmth and comfort to the wearer. The fact that a boot is easy to match with almost any type of pants makes them a favorite for most men.

Parka Jackets

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Every man should consider having a parka jacket in his wardrobe this fall. They are some of the warmest jackets today and usually give good storage spaces for most items such as phones and money. The designers use heavy fabric to make a jacket, which contains a fur hoodie for maximum warmth as well as several pockets that serve as additional storage spaces. The vintage color is popular among wearers looking for a classical outcome although there are also bright colors for anyone looking for a striking appeal on their style.


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There will be a large number of men sporting scarves this fall ranging from the slender pieces to the large ones. You can opt to leave the scarves to drape down your neck or coil it carefully around the neck. Quality in addition to sensible colors and patterns is the secret while choosing an ideal scarf for this fall. The patterned and checkered scarves are also preferable other than the plain bright colored pieces since they complement the other neutral toned streetwear outfits in a right way.


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Suede, denim, leather trainers provide the best texture ideal for the best fall streetwear shoes. The white trainers are more popular with most people pairing them with most type of outfit including denim, chinos, or shorts. A trainer paired with a long statement overcoat will give you that stellar look that you have been looking for while a leather jacket provides a more laid-back look. A combination of trainers with tailoring such as suits also hit the streets last year, and we might find a few people adopting the look this fall. Remember that trainers will always be the perfect everyday wear for any season, but their excellent grip and warmth makes them ideal for the autumn/winter days.

Military Inspired Wear

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You do not have to wear camo pants or sweaters this fall, but you can go for colors such as army green on your scarves or pants. You will find most people wearing military inspired streetwear items with a beautiful cut, big pockets, interesting patchwork, and a perfect fit. The fashion statement and specific attention to detail displayed on this outfits will make you get one of this pieces in your wardrobe.

Pajama suits

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Pajama suits are slowly creeping into the streetwear fashion, and it is clear you might see most of this in the next few months to come. Models have worn pajama shirt and trouser on the runway and the streets. Some celebrities and fashionistas also highlight ways of wearing the pajamas by throwing in a dark colored turtleneck beneath the suit. You may also consider getting the popular striped bright blue pajama suit for your autumn streetwear fashion.


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Denim shirts provide a perfect contrast for layering when worn underneath an overcoat or a statement bomber. The denim pants and shirts offer a combination of style and warmth to the wearer, which you may not find in most materials streetwear outfits. The flared look on the denim pants will be more popular although some men may opt to go for the pants with a slim fit. Remember that quality and exquisite styles are key while choosing between different types of denim.

Leather Gloves

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The months leading to winter may be very chilly leaving your fingers numb while driving or walking. Leather gloves add a stylish and classy feel while also keeping your hands warm. Black or brown colored ones are preferable due to their vintage appeal. A frequent smartphone user may also consider getting tech friendly gloves that allow easy use of the gadget.

Layering Sweaters

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Knitted sweaters are the perfect outfit to go for while looking for an inner layering piece. Designers have incorporated newer designs with some of them such as shawl-collar sweater entering the market with a bang. You may consider choosing warmer cashmere or woolen sweaters over other materials for your autumn wear. However, you can use other lighter materials if you intend to throw in an overcoat. Plain and neutral colors are the best option while layering.

Wide Legged Trousers

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Streetwear has finally included flare pants. Most people did not embrace the baggy pants of the 90s and the skinny jeans of the 21st century, but the wide legged trousers seem to be attracting a larger following. The pants made of wool or any other thick material are the perfect type to keep you warm during the cold months this fall.


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The soft and supple feel of suede clothing is not only comfortable to the skin but also provides the perfect warmth come autumn. Suede shoes and jackets have dominated the runway for a long time, and you should expect more of them this fall. You can perfectly combine a suede loafer with chinos, jeans or any other pants and add a lightweight jacket for a more casual wear. A suede bomber allows easy layering making you stand out at various events. Neutral colors on suede will give a stylish appeal while the vibrant colors may end up giving an over exaggerated look.


The 2017 fall comes with other numerous men streetwear pieces such as beanie hats and shearlings, which you may consider trying. Muted and neutral colors will be dominant in this year’s fall, but you can go for a lighter tone on some items especially while layering. You can also consider mixing different trends while looking to add taste to your on your everyday streetwear. Remember that most autumn streetwear outfits focus on warmth, but that does not mean you have to look dull with your style. Layering, mixing trends and colors will give you an interesting look while also giving you a stylish appeal during on various shows and events.

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