Spyral Drop 2: “Sypral vs The World”

Hello, I hope you’re doing well. We are AJ Christian and Kaleel Small. We recently started an underground clothing brand called Spyral. We are two college students with big aspirations. Our goal for Spyral is to create a high-end streetwear brand with one-of-a-kind designs that acclaims opening your mind and defining the mysteries of our existence. We are dropping our newest collection, “Spyral vs The World” on Halloween.

The collection features a “Censored Planet” hoodie, “Spyral Earth” t-shirt, and “Spyral vs The World” full-covering face mask. The drop has dark undertones, with the unique theme of a “censored planet” and repeating imagery of skulls. With this collection of pieces we are attempting to demonstrate the violence and negativity that plagues our planet with a twisted take on the prevalence of technology.

Our website is http://spyralofficial.com and our instagram is @spyral_official.

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