7 Streetwear Brands to Try Out

There are numerous streetwear brands in the fashion industry today. However, all of the brands rank differently in the market with some of them attracting a big number of streetwear enthusiasts while others do not have a large following among the fashionistas. The low-key streetwear brands may not be popular, but some of them are of a better quality than most glorified brands. Some brands come at fair prices that are easily affordable to anyone looking for the newest trends in the streetwear fashion. Therefore, you should never rely solely on the popularity of the brand while purchasing the streetwear clothing but rather on other factors such as quality.

The presence of online designing courses has made it easier for anyone to develop their brands. More fashion designers have ventured into the streetwear fashion that initially started as a DIY kind of fashion labels. Below are some of the low-key streetwear brands that you should watch out for in the market today.


Source: Complex.com

The streetwear brand comprises of a mixture of outdoor wear, military clothing, and workwear. Shinsuke Takizawa launched the brand in 1994 with a focus on producing an outfit for bikers in Tokyo. The brand has had various collaborations with big brands like Supreme, Vans, and A$AP Rocky among others. However, the Harajuku label remains a low-key brand in the market following its high costs and its limitation to the motorcycle subculture.

Rule of Three

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The Danish brand uses fiction stories to create a lasting relationship between fashion enthusiasts and the streetwear apparel. Rule of Three is one of the common ways used in writing the greatest stories hence the title on the clothing brand. The fiction stories comprise of three characters namely Paul, Isaac, and Jess. The three have three contrasting personalities with Paul as an unmotivated artist, the 19 years old Isaac has interests in Computers and technology, while Jess is a medical student who spends most of his time partying. The brand produces different items such as hats, t-shirts (both long and short sleeved), and hoodies. The items come at an affordable price with most pieces falling between $25 and $50.

The Mstrplan

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The Mstrplan is a San Francisco based streetwear brand that draws inspiration from pop culture and social issues such as the powerful, the clandestine, and the corrupt. Mstrmind, a West Coast artist developed the independent brand in 2012. The streetwear brand uses art on the clothing to give people a better understanding of the story behind everything that they earlier believed as a fact. Mstrplan is one of the low-key brands that have succeeded in using artwork, bold lines, and colors to express themselves on their clothing to express themselves.


Source: windfallclothing.com

Joshua Swanson launched the Windfall streetwear brand in 2014. The streetwear brand uses the graphic design on the clothing to tell a story that mostly promotes love, unity, and understanding. Windfall is one of the brands that have supported the real goal of streetwear of using fashion as a means of self-expression and a tool of communication. This means that every piece of art or graphic design on the t-shirts, hoodies, or sweaters has a message that it conveys to the people.

Visitor on Earth


Source:  looklive.com

This streetwear brand by Tracey Mills, a renowned Los Angeles based designer is one of the low-key labels on the come up in the fashion industry. Mills experience and expertise working for other big street fashion brands has contributed largely to the growth and development of the brand, which has been offering unique unisex earth tones pieces since its inception in 2016. Some of the popular Visitor on Earth pieces include hoodies, cotton waxed pants, quilted jackets, cotton t-shirts, and crew neck sweatshirts. The neutral colored nature of the brand in addition to its ability to combine the elements of the universe while designing the brand has made it one of the timeless labels across generations. VOE is one of the most promising low-key brands on this list, and I cannot wait to see it grow into one of the leading brands in streetwear industry.

Knomadik by Daniel Patrick

Source: danielpatrick.us

Daniel Patrick launched his Los Angeles based streetwear brand together with his wife in 2012. The brand draws inspiration from various sources including the streets of New York and Los Angeles, desert hikes, hip-hop music in addition to a touch of military wear and athletics. Daniel Patrick line, which is a representation of the nomadic spirit, has the best to offer when it comes to creating unique and quality clothing. The line comprises of women and kids wear, denim collection, menswear, footwear, and accessories. Daniel Patrick has established a fashion line for his brand in over 70 boutiques all over the world, and he is planning to open a second store in Melrose.

Lad Musician

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The Japanese streetwear brand draws its inspiration from the music subcultures of rock n roll. Yuichi Koroda launched the Tokyo-based label in 1995 providing a stylish outfit for people with a tall figure to pull off the rock-star look. The brand feature skinny clothing ranging from denim, sweats, leather outerwear, t-shirts with some of them having beautiful and thought provoking graphic prints. However, their 2017 winter/fall collection is a bit different from their usual tight clothes since it comprises of loose fitting items as well as a mix of dark colored and offsetting tones.


There are plenty of low-key brands in the fashion industry today with most labels registering their presence in the market in less than five years ago. Some of them have not established their internet presence meaning it might take them longer to reach the other parts of the world. Others are making excellent progress in sales and collaborations with other brands. Therefore, what is low key today might be one of the leading brands in a few years to come. Remember that the quality and the stylish appeal of an item are of greater significance than its popularity, so you should consider looking at some of the streetwear brands above in your shopping.

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