7 Best Streetwear Vlogs To Watch Out For in 2018

Fashion designers and enthusiasts have taken to YouTube and other channels that support videos to review and voice their opinions on different brands. Most people have always relied on blog spots to acquire more information and market their brands. However, the number of people reading blog posts and taking pictures is bound to reduce in the near future with more people looking to videos as the best alternative. Advancements in technology and availability of smart phones where almost everyone can take a video has aided in the dramatic increase in the number of fashion vloggers today.

Most vloggers in the past covered the popular luxury brands like Gucci and Polo with few of them covering streetwear items. The trend has now changed with video bloggers covering streetwear fashion on their vlogs. The streetwear fashion influencers have attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers from all over the world who are looking for more information on current trends in the markets. The streetwear vlogs with a large following have helped promote brands and sales of labels like Supreme by increasing their desirability and exposure. Below are some of the best vlogs that every streetwear enthusiast should consider visiting:


BULL1TRC is the streetwear fashion vlog to watch out for in 2017. Bull began the vlog as a sneaker wear channel with primary concentration on basketball sneakers before including streetwear on his channel. His coverage of the streetwear items has made him one of the best vloggers attracting over 500K subscriptions from different corners of the world. BULL1TRC vlog concentrates on renowned brands in the market including Nike, Supreme, Huf, 10 DEEP and other low-end streetwear brands. His success in vlogging contributed to the collaboration with ToNY2WiLD, a streetwear fashion vlogger in co-founding Sample Industries.


Jacob Keller pioneered the first streetwear video blog in men’s fashion vlogging over five years ago. The vlog has evolved slowly from vlogging on low-end streetwear like Karmaloop to the big label such as Maison Margiela, Common Projects, and Rick Owens. Mr. Keller’s vlogging efforts in addition to his degree in advertising management earned him a position at Jordan Brand as a Global Brand specialist before joining Machu, a local men’s boutique in Poland as a manager. The demand of his job as a manager has slowed down his vlogging efforts, although the few vlogs that he uploads occasionally have always stirred excitement among his fans. The vlog has remained among the best in the country attracting almost 150k subscribers.


Avery Ginsberg began his YouTube channel over three years ago with interests in covering DIY streetwear items, and Karmaloop hauls. He gradually changed to vlogging about high-end streetwear brands like Supreme, Common Project, Rick Owens, and Palace. Ginsberg uploads instructional videos covering almost everything in street fashion from DIY to his purchases of various streetwear brands. He has released so many instructional videos such as making your canvas look brand new and using paint to customize a jacket. The men’s fashion YouTube vlogger has succeeded in getting a subscriber count of almost 80K for the time that he has been developing streetwear content.

The Unknown

This vlog by Kofz Kaccalla, a UK university student boasts of over 74K subscriptions by the end of June 2017. The London-based vlogger has dedicated his life to displaying his streetwear obsession in his style and that of fellow fashionistas in the streets of London. The signature creative editing style used on the vlog incorporates a combination of hip-hop beats and conversations overheard in the streetwear clothing shops. The ability of the vlog to identify with the fans environment has attracted a large following from London viewers. Additionally, its high-quality content has earned it a place in Hypebeast listing of the upcoming video blogs. The frequent uploader has covered the Supreme Thrasher drop in addition to providing an insider look at the Selfridges meeting between A$AP Rocky and Guess  Originals.

Cleanest Apparel/ Jacob Wallace

This vlog by Jacob Wallace has managed to stay ahead of the curve by highlighting streetwear fashion before the other vloggers do it. His frequent uploads are either hauls or LPU’s with a few DIY videos. Wallace’s tendency to upload on a weekly basis has earned him a large following from about 44K subscribers in three years time. He is one of the vloggers who has also succeeded in starting their clothing line, called WhoisJacov. The line already has three collections featuring tonal sweatshirts, tapered jeans, and boxy graphic tees. His style of covering various fashion trends using OOTD clips is unique for people looking for more inspiration on the streetwear fashion. The vlog that started with simple streetwear outfits and DIY videos now covers the likes of Supreme, Gosha, Rick Owens, and Raf Simons among others.


James is a UK-based video blogger who is taking on the vlogging industry in an alarming way. The vlogger uploads his style consisting of earth tones, oversized items, and heavily layered pieces that bring out the Yeezy fashion at affordable prices. He also covers other British streetwear brands on his vlogs including Summit Clothing and Represent. The vlog made a breakthrough in the industry after the production of “Get The Look” series, which focused on the expensive high-end streetwear. The streetwear series also provided alternatives that are of lower quality than the high-end ones. The vlog boasts of about 51K subscriptions from viewers all over the world.

Couture Atelier/Sangiev

Sangiev, who goes by the popular name Sang, is one of the promising British vloggers. His vlog that started in 2014 has now gained over 31K subscriptions from viewers worldwide. The vlogger has interests on the high-end streetwear brands such as Saint Laurent and A.P.C among others.


Vlogs have become a new way for people to express their views on almost everything in society ranging from fashion trends, artists, and music among others. Technological growth in the 21st has facilitated the development of streetwear vlogs, which gained popularity shortly after the internet era began. The number of vloggers is currently high, and there is an anticipated increase in the number of viewers in future.


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