8 Best Streetwear Blogs You Should Visit in 2018

Updated January 15th, 2018

Streetwear has been a favorite fashion trend for hip-hop enthusiasts for over four decades. Very few people and media outlets of 80’s and 90’s discussed the fashion trend that was hitting the streets in an alarming way. However, 21st century has come with new fashion trends in addition to the growing number of internet users. The bloggers have begun discussing the streetwear style attracting a large following from the hip-hop fans. The ability to receive fashion information on daily or weekly basis is different and faster than the monthly magazine releases of the past. The blogs have also provided a platform to hold online conversations with other fans in addition to serving as a source of knowledge for the hip-hop or skaters culture enthusiasts.

The fashion trends are moving fast lately and keeping up with the changes is proving to be a little challenging for most streetwear lovers. The fashion magazines are becoming less popular while the fashion shows no longer cover everything in the streetwear industry. Luckily, the upsurge on the streetwear blogs has made it easy for most people looking to keep up with the current trends in the fashion world. There are numerous blogs that you can read but below are the best ones that you may consider following for a frequent update on streetwear fashion:

So Wht

So Wht, in case you didn’t notice, is the blog you’re on right now. We bring you the latest news in underground and startup streetwear brands every single day. There is an option to be apart of a bi-weekly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox on Wednesday and Sunday. In addition to bringing you the biggest brands you’ll see blowing up in the future, we host monthly giveaways found here and have the massive list of underground streetwear brands blowing up.

David Fischer launched Highsnobiety blog back in 2005 with the major focus on men streetwear styles. The blog, which began in Geneva Switzerland, was one of the first sites with interest in streetwear styles. It has now attracted a large following in the one decade that it has consistently covered content on street clothes and sneakers. The blog has previously covered Scandinavian retailers and Iconic Streetwear Logs from Legos among other popular topics. It also covers art, technology, and music.


This blog remains one of the best for anyone looking to get information on accessories, clothes, and luggage. Kevin Ma and friends launched the site in 2005 while studying in British Columbia with the goal of providing culturally relevant content on art, music, and technology. The launch came after his efforts to find a reliable online source of streetwear fashion news came up short. It is at this time that he decided to create the outlet with the aim of discussing the hip-hop culture and fashion the streetwear style enthusiasts all over the world. The streetwear blog has its roots in Hong Kong, but its contributors all over the world have helped capture more trends. The blog has also earned recognition from celebrities like Kanye West among others.


The Complex blog is your number one blog for updated news on music, graphic art, movies, streetwear clothing, sneakers, and anything related to lifestyle news. Marc Ecko, a New-York based clothing designer, began Complex as a bi-monthly magazine in 2002 before moving online later in 2000’s. The company has grown tremendously since its digitization in 2007 with over 8.3 million visitors per month. The acquisition and launch of over 20 sites such as Pigeons and Planes and Collinder.com have helped the company maintain a leading position among the best streetwear blogs worldwide. The Complex blog has covered the likes of Ludacris, Nas, Mos Def, David Bowie, and Kim Kardashian among others.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds has been one of the most popular streetwear brands that draw its inspiration from Los Angeles lifestyle and California culture. Bobby Hundreds and Ben launched the blog in 2003 covering different subjects such as skating, streetwear fashion, and hip-hop. Currently, the duo and their team of friends run the blog, which uses photography and vintage videos in its coverage for life on the streets of California. The blog informs about the current trends in streetwear fashion and hip-hop music without distracting you with the moneymaking ads found on most sites.

Dapper Lou

Any streetwear enthusiast must have come across Loge Delcy’s (Dapper Lou) work in their internet search. The blog adds life to its users through its artistic photography covering the latest information in men’s streetwear fashion. The photographer from Brooklyn uses an interesting way to document moments and stories through his photography from different cities. The great designing and editorial skills, insightful content, and beautiful photography used on the blog will attract the attention of any streetwear enthusiast visiting the blog.


The blog began as a site that relied solely on streetwear shoes and art coverage before expanding to clothing, art, accessories, and sunglasses among other things. Its founders, Patrick Galbraith and Eric Giroux, began the blog in 2008 from a dorm room in University of Kansas. The blog has now grown to one of the sites attracting partnership from bigwigs in the blogging industry such as Gannett of USA Today. SneakHype co-founders have also transformed what began as a hobby to being one of the leading blogs covering big brands like Adidas and Captain Morgan.

Men In This Town

Giuseppe Santamaria, a Toronto-based photographer, launched his blog in 2010 with the aim of using pictures to highlight the streetwear style. Santamaria style of covering the everyday man in his photography distinguishes him from most photographers and bloggers whose primary interest lies in capturing the red carpet events and shows. The blogger travels all over the world capturing the best styles that stand out on the streets. The blog’s ability to combine the men’s distinct style, the trends in the city, and the spirit of their target subject has helped in bringing out the best content without writing a word. This should be the blog of your choice if you are an artistic reader who enjoys more of observing rather than reading.


The blogs above are reliable sources of information for anyone looking to stay ahead of the streetwear fashion trends. The advancements in technology have increasingly made blogging one of the popular trends among most people. The increase on the blogs and bloggers has also helped in keeping up with the current trends in the fashion industry that are changing every day. Therefore, you do not have to go through the hassle of looking for the current and up to date information on streetwear fashion.

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