Top 10 Instant Classic Streetwear Shoes

Streetwear has completely taken over the world of fashion, which is why nowadays you will find that every fashion brand has a streetwear line. The masses always follow what celebrities and fashion icons wear, and because streetwear has found a home among the top stars, it is no wonder that people from all over the world now want a piece of it. Moreover, streetwear is easily relatable to the masses because it is trendy, comfortable and most importantly it rocks. Any brand that does not yet have a streetwear line is losing out a lot because the masses will always go to look elsewhere whenever they want streetwear-themed outfits or footwear.

Now that we have ascertained that streetwear has taken over, let`s look at the top 10 streetwear shoe styles:

The best streetwear shoe styles are often made by the big `boys` who have the budget and can poach the best brains in the industry to design quality shoes. However, once in a while you will find an underdog brand dominating the market with a design that is out of this world and the big `boys` are forced to watch in awe. We will discuss the best streetwear shoe styles out there, regardless of whether they are from the big brands or little-known brands.

Converse Chuck Taylor x Carhartt WIP kicks

Converse Chuck Taylor and Carhartt WIP streetwear shoes

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This collaboration is a breath of fresh air in street footwear. The kicks feature a tiger camouflage and their strong canvas coupled up with a thick sole ensure they are fit for survival in the harshest environments. The streets are always rough & tough, and the Converse Chuck Taylor x Carhartt WIP kicks are built for that. They were a big hit the moment they hit the stores and quickly sold out on all the major online stores. However, there are still stores that are stocked up with these lovely kicks, and for about $150 you can cop a pair which is very affordable.

Vans Authentic

vans authentic streetwear shoes

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It is a simple yet very fashionable shoe that can be worn by just anyone. Young kids can comfortably rock it, as well as old timers. Most importantly, the Vans Authentic is a shoe for all seasons, and you can wear it every day no matter the season. Furthermore, it`s a very pocket-friendly shoe and rarely goes out of stock. In fact, you are more likely to find it stocked up than out-of-stock. It gives the wearer a cool factor, and its toughness makes it an obvious choice for skateboarding. It cuts across cultures, which is why you will find it in the hip-hop and punk rock sphere.



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This one is street footwear that is a must-have for skateboarders. It has a lean body and simple design which makes it very comfortable and wearable with most outfits. Since it`s a skating shoe, it is made to be durable, sturdy on the outside and soft enough on the inside for extra comfort. It is also well-ventilated, to let in fresh air and prevent excessive sweating and bad odor. It is a solid and stylish shoe that you should consider having in our closet.

State Mercer

state mercer streetwear shoes

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The shoe`s aesthetics make it stand out. It is essentially a skate-centric shoe that`s built to last. It’s designed gives it a cool factor, and it`s thus a highly recommended street shoe from a relatively newbie brand.

Timberland boots

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Nothing represents the streets better than a pair of timberland boots or ‘timbs,’ as they are popularly known. Even though the brand has made different styles, colors, and designs of the boot, one thing that has always remained constant is the sturdiness of the shoe. Its sturdiness has always been its signature, which explains why the streets love it. Timberland boots have always been part and parcel of the rugged look associated with the hip-hop culture. It`s a brand that has slowly crept into the high-end fashion world and dominated with billions of dollars in net sales, but in the past, the company`s target market was the blue-collar worker. The timberland boots are now synonymous with top hip-hop stars, and over the years the company has ventured into the women`s market by creating feminine designs that the ladies can associate with.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Royal

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Sturdy and fresh looking, the Air Jordan 1 Retro is one for the streets and was well received in the market, with the Air Jordan fanatics rushing to cop one. It is a bit limited regarding the type of outfits you can rock it with, but my advice is to keep it `street` while looking for an outfit to match it with. Jordans will always represent the streets and the fact that they are very wearable and they release a line for men and women each time they come up with a new design; it means J`s will always be a favorite.

Adidas Originals YEEZY 350 Boost V2

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Early in 2016, fans of the Yeezy brand could hardly hold their anticipation as they waited for these to drop and once they did, they didn’t disappoint. Available in various colors, namely: white, green and red the Adidas Originals YEEZY 350 Boost V2 instantly became a hit and fans are still waiting in high anticipation for new releases.

Reebok Club C

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Reebok is not a new face to the streetwear scene; as a matter of fact, they have always had a line of sneakers that represent streetwear. The Reebok Club C is a tennis inspired low-top shoe that is very comfortable to wear and can be worn with a variety of outfits. It’s built to survive, so you should cop one for the summer.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Banned

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The first line of Nike Air Jordan back in 1985 was banned by NBA chairman because back then the NBA had a very strict color policy. Thus, when the NBA chairman saw Michael Jordan during the preseason training with a pair of red & black shoes, they were subsequently banned.

The Jordan brand revisits the Air Jordan 1 Banned with the Air Jordan retro `banned` which still features the signature red and black colors. It also maintains features that made it a darling of the masses, such as durability, nice ventilation, and sturdiness.

DC Wes Kremer 2

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This shoe became a hit in the street footwear industry in 2016. It Is fashionable, trendy durable and comfortable which are all features that people always look out for whenever they want to shop for a perfect streetwear shoe. It is also aesthetically astute and nice to walk around in.