A visit to Carytown district in Richmond, Virginia will lead you to one of the locally owned businesses and indie boutiques selling different items. Among one of this stores is Need Supply Co. The shop, which started as a fashion boutique selling vintage jeans has now grown into one of the major international players in the street fashion industry. Currently, Need Supply is not only a fashion store in U.S. and Japan, but it also in online retailer and a streetwear fashion brand with an attractive global presence. You will find all types of items in the one-stop shopping destination ranging from their in-house items and accessories as well as a wide array of collections from streetwear designers in the U.S. and other countries all over the world.

Chris Bossola launched this VA-based store in 1996 with only 300 pairs of vintage Levi’s. He later brought in Gabriel Ricioppo in 2007 who helped him build their web store that has now grown its client base tremendously. The two have been working together since then to improve their business in the digital space while at the same time providing fashion-forward pieces for both men and women. Their primary interest lies in the brands that are available in limited amounts and have not yet gained so much popularity in the market. In this article, we will explore various women streetwear brands that you will find in Need Supply.

9. Off-White

Virgil Abloh, a DJ and designer, succeeded in bridging the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear by launching Off White in 2012. The label draws its inspirations from the daily influences such as music, travel, and culture. Off White was not known to many people during its early days until Rihanna and Beyoncé hit the stage wearing Off Whites’ arrow and striped designs. The brand is rising in the streetwear market at an alarming rate, and you should expect more designs from Off White this year. You can visit the Need Supply website today and get some Off White pieces such as dresses, shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

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Alexander Wang

If you are looking for the most coveted Alexander Wang streetwear pieces, then Need Supply is the best place to be. Wang’s silhouettes are renowned for their muted tones, minimalist styles, edgy details, and a casual urban designing. Alexander Wang started this brand in 2005 at a tender age of 19 years but made a formal launch during the 2007 New York Fashion Week. His first collection consisted of knitwear, but he has now expanded his product offering to include footwear and other streetwear apparel. The New York-based brand has earned numerous collaborations with big names such as Adidas hence helping it maintain its position in the market.

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8. Puma

Needs Supply should be your number one online shopping store if you are looking for a well-designed brand that combines both design and comfort. Puma has maintained a leading position in the sportswear industry ever since its launch in late 1940’s by Rudolf Dassler. The brand is not solely a sportswear brand as it has also positioned itself in the fashion and lifestyle industry through collaborations with various streetwear brands. The label recently appointed Rihanna as the creative director for the women’s wear giving birth to a new line known as Fenty Puma.

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7. Vans

A pair of Vans is a must have in your shoe collection if you are a streetwear enthusiast. It is not only comfortable, but you can always wear it with any outfit be it a short dress or a pair of pants and still look glam. Paul Van Doren along with three other partners launched this California based label over five decades ago, and it has stayed true to its roots since then. The brand has received different collaborations with various high-end fashion labels such as Supreme and Gosha Rubchinskiy. There are different models of Vans ranging from Authentic to Sk8-Hi, all available in Need Supply.

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6. Need

If you are a great fan of relaxed and effortless fashion, then you may consider going for the Need Supply Co. line, which launched in 2016. Their silhouettes are not only refined and stylish, but they come with attractive detailing on the ankles and zips that bring out your femininity in a flattering way. Their casual pieces are available in pure color palettes of black, maroon white, navy blue, grey and tan that is ideal for anyone looking for a stylish yet laid-back outcome on their look. Their prices for the dresses, pants, tops, accessories are also pocket-friendly with most of them falling between $65-$275 USD.

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5. A.P.C

This French classic is one of the most popular Parisian fashion labels all over the world. Jean Touitou launched A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Creation) in 1987 which drew its inspirations from the military wear. Jean’s goal during the unveiling of her clothing brand was to provide sleek and well-tailored streetwear pieces that were a perfect contrast to the bold and outspoken contemporaries. Its collaborations with stars like Kanye West as well as other brands such as Supreme, Carharrt, and Nike has raised its position in the United States market and all over the world. You should consider visiting Need Supply for unique and sensational clothing from A.P.C.

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Are you bored by the endless search for a pair of jeans that will fit you perfectly without a hassle? Then the GRLFRND page on Need Supply should be your next destination. The designers launched this brand in 2016 with a wide variety of jeans ranging from distressed to the cropped pants, and the slightly undone styles. The Los Angeles based label also has vintage jeans pieces for anyone looking for a classic outcome. The designers use durable materials to give a modern fit to the pants, so you should not be worried about the quality of GRLFRND apparel.

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3. Won Hundred

Won Hundred is a Denmark based streetwear brand that introduces the high fashion ideas into street wear. Nikola Nielsen launched the label in 2004, after spending years in the denim industry. Won Hundred drew its inspiration from the 70’s rock and roll culture as well as other as other features such as music, art, cinema, and nature. Their items feature minimalist and straightforward styles, understated designs, and modern styling. This makes Won Hundred ideal for people who are not comfortable with tremendous graphics and bold colors used on most streetwear pieces.

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2. Comme Des Garcons

If you are looking for unique streetwear pieces with a modern look, then you should consider going for Comme Des Garcons. Rei Kawabuko launched this Japanese label in 1969, and it has now grown to one of the most sought out streetwear clothing brand all over the world. It has several clothing lines including Homme Plus, Play, Perfume, Shirt, and Wallet among others. You will find Comme Des Garcons wallets, perfume, and apparel in Need Supply in large quantities and at a favorable price. Their Play line consisting of tees, hoodies, footwear, and shirts depicted by a heart logo with eyes debuted in 2002 and it has now become a favorite for women, men, and kids, too.

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INEXCLSV should be your go-to brand if you want to take your knitwear game a notch higher in 2018. The designers use different complex styles and naturally sourced yarns to create knitwear items such as beanies, sweaters, and wraps that you can wear to any formal or informal occasion. Most sweaters available on Need Supply have muted tones although there are also bold and vibrant colors for the free-spirited individuals. INEXCLSV has its headquarters in Hong Kong as well as a creative annex in New York City.

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Need Supply has been a number one online retailer for streetwear brands ranging from the famous A.P.C to the up and coming labels such as Brain Dead. They have had unique collaborations with over 20 brands in the market, which have significantly contributed to their top position among the best retailer in the market. You can shop for various items on Need Supply online boutique and have them delivered to your location within the shortest time possible. Alternatively, you can visit their in-store location in Richmond or Japan to shop for the men’s and women’s apparel and accessories.