Top 10 Men’s Streetwear Brands On Bodega

Streetwear used to be a fashion trend for the skaters and hip-hop enthusiasts alone in the past few decades. However, the trends have changed over time, and streetwear fashion has become part of the 21st-century lifestyle. More people are now choosing street fashion over urban wear and other designer outfits.

Online shops that specialize in street fashion brands are on the increase too with most of them selling to clients in and out of the country. Bodega is one of the popular streetwear retailers that has risen from a brick and mortar store hidden behind an old Snapple machine to one of the popular online streetwear stores globally.

About Bodega

Three fashion enthusiasts, Jay Gordon, Oliver Mak, and Dan Natola launched the Boston based streetwear fashion retailer in 2006. The three started Bodega as a sneaker shop, but they have now expanded their product offering to include streetwear apparel and accessories.

The online store brings together various stylish brands ranging from Yeezy, Stussy, Neighborhood, and Undercover among others. It is a one-stop shop for popular sportswear giants like Nike, Puma, and Adidas as well as sneaker brands such as Converse. Bodega has also launched their private brand, and it has been growing every season through its collaboration with numerous high-end brands.

Bodega provides a unique and exceptional shopping experience that you will not find in most online shops that you visit. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from t-shirts, sneakers, and sweaters from the best streetwear brands around the world. Below are some of the popular brands that you are likely to find on Bodega.

Comme des Garcons PLAY

Rei Kawabuko launched Comme des Garcons (CDG) in Japan over four decades ago, and it has now become a popular streetwear brand with a strong worldwide presence. The brand has many diffusion lines for example Noir, Homme Plus, PLAY, and Tricot among others. You will find plenty of Comme des Garcons PLAY pieces on Bodega ranging from hoodies to t-shirts and sweats as well as button downs.

Most of these items feature the brand’s logo that consists of a red heart-shaped graphic with two bold eyes. The brand has earned partnership with other significant streetwear brands such as Nike and Supreme. Various hip-hop artists such as Drake, Kanye West, and Jay- Z have worn CDG to multiple shows hence placing it higher on the market. Therefore, you may consider getting a few modern and minimalist Comme des Garcons Play pieces from Bodega today.

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This brand by Kanye West, a music artist and designer entered the market with a bang in 2013, and it has continued to grow every year. Adidas Originals manufactured the first season of Yeezy brand, but Kanye produced the other five editions independently. This is the go-to brand if you are looking for pieces with military-inspired themes, overdyed earth tones, playful hemlines. You can get various Yeezy pieces on Bodega ranging from footwear, sweatshirts hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and accessories.


Bodega is not only a retail store but also a streetwear fashion brand featuring hoodies, t-shirts, footwear, as well as accessories such as bags and hats. Bodega’s collaborations with various footwear brands such Converse, Puma, Adidas, and Nike helped it raise its position in the market. They later launched their fashion line in 2012, which has now grown into one of the best fashion labels in the streetwear market.

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If you are not wearing converse in 2018, then you do not understand the true meaning of comfort. The converse label is now the new leather with every man wearing it ranging from the iconic figures to the usual guy at your rock club.

There are many sizes and styles to choose from while buying converse, meaning that you will always find a pair that fits your tastes. You can also find converse jackets, pants, and t-shirts on Bodega that you can pair well with any streetwear outfit and rock your way to a concert or a night out with the friends.

Surf is Dead

Streetwear fashion originated from surfers and skaters who would express themselves using bold graphical prints on their apparel. However, the surf world seems to be losing this style to hip-hop enthusiast but Chris Josol has revived their culture through his Surf is Dead brand.

The Los Angeles based label brings out the rebellious and experimental spirit that dominates the surf culture through their brightly colored tees with bold graphics. Bodega has these t-shirts in limited quantities, so you should consider getting one of the few pieces available as soon as possible.

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Neighborhood is a unique label that draws its inspiration from the motorcycle culture. Shinsuke Takizawa, a motorbike enthusiast, launched this Japanese based brand in 1994. The lack of motorcycle apparel for him and his friends who shared the riding interests led to the creation of this label.

The brand also draws inspiration from other subcultures and lifestyles such as Native Americans, military, and countercultures. You do not want to miss on the beautiful aesthetics and high-quality materials used in the production of the jackets, t-shirts, sandals and the hoodies found on Bodega.


A.P.C should be the go-to brand if you are looking for stylish wear with muted colors. They have the best raw selvage denim jeans that are hard to find elsewhere in the streetwear market.

The brand launched in late 80’s with the aim of opposing the bold and outspoken labels that were gaining popularity at that time. Therefore, A.P.C pieces are more muted while their styles are a perfect contrast to most bold streetwear pieces. They are also known for their minimalist styling, impeccable tailoring, and an impressive fit.

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Brain Dead

This streetwear label derives its inspiration from various subcultures such as skate culture, underground comics, and post-punk. Different Los Angeles based artists and designers came together and launched Brain Dead in 2014, which is now spearheaded by Kyle NG. The label uses heavy graphic styles and disruptive LED approaches in the production of streetwear apparel.


You can reminisce the 90’s look with an XLARGE tee, hoodie, or beanie from Bodega. This streetwear label has risen gradually over the years and managed to stay true to its roots since its inception in 1991.

Two former college roommates, Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman, opened a store to sell their favorite clothes. The two did not have any startup, but they received backing from Mike D of Beastie Boys and Eli’s dad. The brand gained popularity in 90’s with most stylish men going for their pants, t-shirts, and hats. The label is one of the real originators and a trustworthy guardian of the streetwear culture.

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Deluxe combines high-quality tailoring and the flexibility of streetwear in their apparel. Hideki Hue Kimura launched the label in 2003, and it has now become one of the promising brands in Tokyo streetwear and United States.

Deluxe draws inspiration from New York City, Tokyo, and Japan. Therefore, if you are looking for a brand that incorporates street cultures from three different places, then Deluxe tees, hoodies, jackets, and hats from Bodega will be a good choice.


Bodega is not only a successful brand but also one of the leading online retailers. They provide a wide range of streetwear apparel and accessories from popular brands all over the world. Most men do not like the vibrant colors found on most streetwear pieces, but Bodega takes care of that. They provide different varieties of muted tones from various brands for anyone who is not comfortable with bold colors.

Therefore, you can consider visiting Bodega’s online store or physical store in Boston if you leave near the place and enjoy a broad product offering from popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Undercover, and Converse.

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