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Gone are the days that you would spend hours on the road to visit your favorite store. Most people now opt to shop from the comfort of their house instead of making repeated visits to the local shop. Online shopping industry is booming in the 21st century with most brick and mortar boutiques offering some of the best streetwear brands in the market today. One of these stores is Need Supply, which features both popular as well as up-and-coming labels in the street fashion.

Need Supply Co. is a Richmond, Virginia based store that first launched in 1996 and later opened their online storefront in 2008. The store grew from a brick and mortar boutique selling vintage Levi to one of the best shopping destinations for men and women apparel, footwear, jewelry, and accessories. Need Supply offers a wide selection of the hottest trendsetting brands in the market such as Stussy and Undercover with each of them having a new price point. The upscale clothing store combines both quality and eccentricity on its items making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to express his or her feelings through fashion. Below are some of the streetwear labels that you will find in Need Supply.

Comme Des Garcons

Need Supply has an extensive collection of Comme Des Garcons items ranging from perfumes, apparels, and accessories. Rei Kawabuko launched this Tokyo-based brand in 1969, and it has now become one of the most popular labels in the streetwear fashion. The label first developed streetwear apparel that featured exaggerated silhouettes and dark color palettes. However, Kawabuko transformed it into a brand with classic pieces featuring bold colors, patches, or prints that are so wildly innovative in nature. If you are looking for a clothing that leaves a mix of emotions as you walk along the streets, then you may consider visiting the Need Supply website for Comme Des Garcons apparel.
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Brain Dead

This new streetwear brand is rising to popularity at an alarming rate, and you should expect more from it in the next few years. The Los- Angeles based brand started in August 2015, and it has already established its roots in the streetwear fashion. It stems from a bunch of artists and designers from all over the world who draw their inspiration from post-punk, underground comics and skate culture. Kylie Ng took the leadership position since the launch of the brand, and he has contributed significantly to its success in the streetwear fashion. You may consider going for the Brain Dead tees and jacket with heavy graphics and internet-based designs if you are looking to achieve a sophisticated look.


If you are a fan of muted tones and bold graphics, then this should be your go-to label. Jun Tukahashi founded this brand in 1993 in Harajuku, Japan and it has continued to open other stores all over the world. The brand broke the divide between high fashion streetwear giving rise to the luxury streetwear. Undercover pieces may be highly priced, but you will enjoy the elegance behind the punk-inspired jackets, sweatshirts, coats, and hats.


This Tokyo-based streetwear label derives its cues from bikers wear, military styles, and Native American work wear. Shinsuke Takizawa launched the brand in 1994 with the goal expressing their biker’s lifestyle through fashion. You will find most Neighborhood apparel and accessories on Need Supply page ranging from shirts, jackets, fanny packs, and hats. You can also go for the 90’s streetwear look with a Neighborhood bandana from Need Supply store.


Streetwear fashion was increasingly becoming popular over three decades ago, and most people were going for boldly printed apparel with loud logos and colors. Jean Touitou, on the other hand, launched A.P.C. in 1987, which was an exact contrast of the streetwear clothing that most people were wearing. The clean-cut designs and minimalists styles oppose the bold and vibrant designs used in most contemporary attires. Kanye West has previously shown a growing interest in the brand, which has received collaborations with other popular brands such as Supreme and Nike. If you are looking for streetwear pieces that are more muted and streamlined, then you may consider going for A.P.C.

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There are plenty of Stussy items on Need Supply ranging from tees, overcoats, jackets, and shorts among other things. The Stussy products are available at affordable prices compared to most items on the Need Supply site. Shawn Stussy launched this brand in 1980’s, and it has continued to stay true to its roots for almost four decades. Shawn was originally a surfboard shaper before he started selling t-shirts with his signature logo scrawled on them. The t-shirts rose in demand among the surfers in Laguna Beach, California but other people also started wearing them. You will find Stussy in most streetwear stores all over the world all providing different ranges of products including Need Supply.

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If you love hip-hop music, then you are highly familiar with the Timberland boot worn by most stars such as B.I.G and Kanye West. A Timberland boot will leave you looking stylish and masculine as you walk on the streets or while enjoying a weekend with the boys. The boot entered the market in early 70’s and it has continued to be a popular streetwear attire, four decades later. The craftsmanship behind these shoes is close to none while the treatments used are waterproof. This versatile brand was first designed for the construction workers in England, but it later became a favorite pick for rappers. Today, it is hard to imagine a hip-hop artist without a pair of Timberland in their collection.
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WTAPS (pronounced as double taps) is a Japan-based streetwear brand developed in 1996. Tetsu Nishiyama, one of the Japanese streetwear pioneers, developed this brand by incorporating military themes into the casual wear styles. However, the designs have changed over time with WTAPS including signature styles such s Ivy, Trad, and Preppy that are different from their military-inspired styles. Its collaborations with the likes of Stussy, Vans, and A Bathing Ape has raised the brand’s demand in the market too.

Wood Wood

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You will be spoilt for choice on visiting Wood Wood page on Need Supply. They have a wide variety of items ranging from t-shirts, shorts, jackets, and pants. Three former students of Royal School Design of Denmark launched this contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand in 2002 alongside their retail store that sold skateboards, toys, and sneakers. The brand focuses on style, function, and attitude during design. The designers incorporate different elements of music, art, and youth culture in their streetwear pieces in developing unique designs that are second to none. Wood Wood has earned over 50 collaborations with other popular brands in the market making it one of the most popular Denmark-based street fashion brand.
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Paris wear is highly associated with work wear and other formal apparel. However, Jeremie Egry and Aurelien Arbet broke the common belief and started a streetwear fashion line in 2012. The label featured various items such as tees, pants, and sweatshirts but they have expanded their product offering to include hats and other accessories too. The brand has had numerous collaborations with international artists who have helped in popularizing Etudes in various countries. The label is an ideal choice for streetwear enthusiasts looking for minimalistic designs on their attire to make it unique.
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There is a broad range of items at Need Supply ranging from popular and up-and-coming brands. This means there is always something for everyone regardless of the budget. Their regularly purchased items may have a higher price tag attached to them, but you will always find an item within your price range. You can choose to visit their store in Richmond, Virginia and enjoy a broad offering of streetwear apparel and footwear labels or purchase from their online store. Remember that streetwear fashion combines both style and functionality, so you should aim at looking at the two features before making a purchase.

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