10 Popular Women Streetwear Brands On HBX

Gone are the days when streetwear used to be a fashion style for men alone. Women street fashion brands have grown immensely with most of them providing different fashion items such as crop tops, leggings, pants, underwear, dresses, skirts, and sneakers. The male-dominated streetwear fashion labels such as Supreme and Adidas have introduced female fashion lines giving women a chance to express themselves through fashion. All this happened through the help of various female celebrities such as Aaliyah who helped promote multiple brands and encouraged women to embrace streetwear. Artists like Rihanna have also upheld the same streetwear fashion spirit for women in the 21st century by making collaborations with other brands and developing their labels.

Streetwear fashion market is also growing at an alarming rate with most women choosing various street labels over the formal attire. Online stores such as Bodega, Karmaloop, and HBX have also expanded with most of them offering streetwear pieces for women ranging from dresses to t-shirts and sneakers. HBX client base is also growing every day, and they are now providing items from popular brands such as Adidas as well as other new brands such as Mischief and X-Girl. Below are some of the labels you will find while shopping for women wear on HBX.

Alexander Wang

If you value dark colored streetwear inspired pieces, then Alexander Wang is the go-to label. Wang boasts of an extensive collection of women and men attire, footwear, and accessories. The brand launched in 2004 but made a formal debut at New York Fashion Week in 2007. Alexander Wang started as an urban streetwear fashion brand that mainly consisted of knitwear before it expanded to other materials over the years. It has collaborated with other popular brands such as Adidas in the production of streetwear footwear. The label highlights the polished downtown New York look perfectly through their dark-colored unisex attires that are available for sale on HBX.

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Fenty Puma by Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the free-spirited and fearless artists of the 21st century, and she has succeeded in bringing out all these aspects through her PUMA collab. She brings her bold style as well as her day-to-day appeal to the Puma brand, which celebrates strength and individuality. Since they first teamed up in 2015, Fenty Puma has now become one of the top streetwear brands for people looking for a mix of impeccable style and comfort on footwear and accessories.

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You cannot speak about streetwear fashion without recognizing the works of Shawn Stussy, the person behind Stussy brand. Shawn launched Stussy in 1980 at the back of his car where he used to sell t-shirts and boards with skate and surf-inspired styles. The label experienced the transition of streetwear from when it consisted of clothing pieces to when it grew to a lifestyle gaining attraction of millions of fashionistas. You will find unisex Stussy pieces on HBX as well as other feminine wear such as skirts, dresses, crop tops, briefs, as well as accessories such as handbags, and hats.

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You will be spoilt for choice on visiting the HBX website if you are shopping for MISBHV dresses, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, or hoodies among other things. Stars like Asap Rocky, Cara Delevigne, and Kylie Jenner have played an important part in promoting MISBHV brand in the United States. Kate and Natalia started this streetwear brand from the streets of Warsaw where they would print the t-shirts for themselves and their DJ friends. The label has now risen to one of the most renowned and sought out brands both in the U.S. and internationally.

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Wearing sneakers has become the trendiest thing for most streetwear enthusiasts. Vans brand has also increased in popularity among women with most of them looking for new ways to wear and style them. The vans sneakers are available in different colors, but most women are highly attracted to the tropical floral patterned or the hand-drawn sneakers. You can wear a pair of Vans sneakers with any streetwear outfit ranging from a short summer dress, pants, or shorts and still look stylish. Therefore, Vans sneakers are necessary items for any woman who is aiming at looking trendy this year.

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Adidas Originals

If you are looking for vibrant colors and bold designs, then Adidas Originals should be your brand of choice. Adidas has been creating fashionable trainers and streetwear for men and women for the last six decades. At first, the brand’s creations were based solely on athletics and sporting lifestyle, but they slowly expanded to street style. The label has had successful collaborations with renowned stars such as in Kanye West as well as fashion designers like Alexander Wang who have helped elevate the brand in the streetwear industry.

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This is the go-to brand if you are looking for a vintage feel on your street style. MISCHIEF is one of the first Korean streetwear brands to develop women street-inspired staples and actively promote streetwear for women. Seo Ji Eun and Ji Yoon launched the label in 2010, and it has now earned itself a name in the American streetwear market. The label is renowned for its vintage athletic wear, which draws inspiration from the 90’s street culture and the youth subcultures. You will see more MISCHIEF items on HBX ranging from crop tops, jackets, skirts, t-shirts, and vests among other things.

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A.P.C. is a French label which stands for Atelier de Production et de Creation. Since its launch in 1987, the brand has blurred the lines between high fashion and streetwear with their impeccable tailoring, simplistic nature, and minimalist styles. It is an ideal choice for the conservative women who do not like the bold and loud logos used by most streetwear brands in the market. Collaborations with streetwear brands like Supreme and influential stars like Kanye West has significantly contributed to the development of A.P.C. as a streetwear brand.

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Tommy Jeans

This iconic brand has remained in the streetwear industry for a long time producing their vibrant colors and letters that shout American cool to everyone who sees it. They boldly place their logos and text branding on most of their items depicted by stars, varsity letters, stripes, or nautical shapes. Therefore, it would be easier spotting a Tommy Jeans from far. HBX has a broad range of Tommy Hilfiger items ranging from t-shirts to jackets and sweatshirts among other things. You should consider this brand if you are looking to revive the 90’s appeal in your style.

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This is a new brand on HBX although it has been in the streetwear industry since 1994. The streetwear brand was launched by Jun Tukahashi, a fashion designer from Japan who drew inspiration from punk rock and the high fashion wear. This helped the label in breaking down the divide between the street fashion and the runway trends even before the rise of most luxury labels. Undercover’s collaborations with big streetwear brands such as Supreme and Nike have made it one of the go-to label while shopping for women streetwear pieces.

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HBX is the best destination for all types of women streetwear brands that you are looking for in 2018. They provide different sizes and designs, so finding one that suits your needs should not be a problem. You can enjoy weekly Top Drops on HBX, which feature sales of limited edition outfits and sneakers. Their prices are also favorable for both United States buyers and the international clients. You will enjoy a smooth shopping experience on HBX, and they will deliver the items to you within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it would be advisable to visit the site occasionally if you are looking to buy streetwear pieces from the brands mentioned above or other women labels.

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